What to Look For When Buying a Goatskin Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets can be either made of cow, sheep, lamb, or goat leather. Each has its own specifications and benefits, but when it comes to comparison then goat skin wins at a number of points. A goatskin leather jacket keeps you cool in warm weather due to its incredible quality of adapti

Once heard “Fall is a perfect season for leather jackets,” yet could not find any season bad for wearing leather jackets. Leather jackets are worth falling for. They are not only going to make your wardrobe more admirable but are also going to last there forever. Out of your favorite dresses and suits, the only thing you are never going to regret investing in is the goatskin leather jackets.

Leather jackets can be either made of cow, sheep, lamb, or goat leather. Each has its own specifications and benefits, but when it comes to comparison then goat skin wins at a number of points. A goatskin leather jacket keeps you cool in warm weather due to its incredible quality of adapting to weather changes. Moreover, it absorbs humidity and is more affordable than some other types of leather jackets. Now if you have planned to buy a goatskin leather jacket then let us help you with this.

The Price Factor

The goatskin leather jackets produced in a single factory are sold at a different range of prices. As low as $500 to even as high as $2000. Such a huge price difference in the leather jackets produced in a single factory. Definitely, the question is why? There are multiple factors contributing to this price difference. Let us discuss them one by one and in the end, it will enable you to choose the right one for you.

Design Elements

A simple jacket can be manufactured faster and adding fewer details contributes a lot to cut the manufacturing cost. The fewer the details, means the lesser the sewing requirements, lesser requirements of pieces for lining purposes, and lesser pieces to cut.  Such jackets have a basic design and even sometimes they lack inner pockets.

Top Stitching

Top stitching is done to add style and decency to a goatskin leather jacket. It can be referred to as decorative stitching. On high-quality men’s and women's goatskin leather jackets this top stitch is done using a high-quality strong German thread. On contrary to this, a thin and light thread is used in top stitching to cut the cost, and hence such jackets do not appear such a fine and finished look.

Quality of Leather

The most prominent factor that contributes to huge price differences is the quality of the leather. Lower the price and lower the quality of the leather. The cheaper goatskin leather jacket is made up of the corrected form of goatskin leather. The leather is collected from animals having different farming backgrounds. Their skin may have scars or may be damaged. Such leathers need corrections. They are either sanded down or pressed with faux leather grains. To make them look uniform some extra effort is also added by spraying dyes. You can easily recognize this corrected form of leather as it gives an overall smoother and plastic feel in comparison to the original skin that is oily, and soft with uneven texture.

Quality of the Zipper

Manufacturers have choices to either use a low-quality YKK zipper or a high-quality RiRi Zipper. Good manufacturers are inclined towards manufacturing value leather jackets using value products. They may use RiRi zippers which are stronger, a bit heavier with a shiny finish, and gives a buttery zip-up. These RiRi zippers are ten times costly as compared to the YKK zippers.

Armholes And Sleeves

The cheaper goatskin leather jackets tend to increase their sales by making jackets in sizes that can fit a wide range of body types. This is done by keeping the armholes larger and lower. On the other hand, jackets having good quality are more likely to have higher set armholes. It aids in improved arm movements and gives an exclusive fit. Jackets with too high or too low arm holes spoil the fitting of the body making it more uncomfortable.

Jacket Lining

A low-grade cheap synthetic lining is used not only in low-cost jackets but also in cheap suits and blazers. Spending on jackets with such lining is completely a waste of money as these linings are very dry and tear and shred apart very easily.

You will see two different linings in good quality products. The one is done for the body part and the other for the sleeves. A good quality synthetic and warmer cotton are used in lining the body. Soft and smooth silk or silk-like fabric is used for lining the sleeves. Such lining materials add more comfort to the garments and make them feel more luxurious.

Consider before Making a Choice

Till now you have known all the differences that make a leather jacket cost either $500 or $2000. Here are some tips to assist you in choosing a perfect goatskin leather jacket for you.

Avoid fake leather: The synthetic faux leather is made up of plastic grains and is highly harmful to the environment too. You must avoid using such jackets. You can easily figure them out. Those having shiny plastic looks are not made of real goat skin. Stay away from them as they are not worth buying.

Check for details: The reality of the quality of a product lies in its details. The same is the case with goatskin leather jackets. Good quality goatskin leather jackets are stitched with high-quality strong thread. The material used in the lining of these jackets is also exceptional. The armholes are neither too low nor too high. More details are added to it such as extra inner pockets. To ensure a complete finished look for these jackets and to add strength to them a better-quality zipper is used.

Ask for a perfect fit: No doubt, leather jackets enhance your looks but a leather jacket with a perfect fit adds much more to your personality. Special attention must be paid to the fitting of the arms as it decides the comfortability of the jacket you are choosing for yourself. The jacket you choose must be a perfect fit, no matter whether you zip it up or not.



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