How does the rainy season affect the cost of furniture shifting services in Mohali?

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Unlike during the dry season, moving heavy furniture during wet days can be extremely challenging and arduous. Nevertheless, you don’t need to hassle around as Furniture Shifting Services in Mohali have your back. Professional furniture transportation companies conduct moves during the monsoon, but it depends on the storm intensity. Don’t worry! They will postpone or reschedule the activity, which will increase the moving prices. Like this, other aspects also influence the cost of furniture shifting.


3+ Factors that increase the cost of furniture moving services in Mohali 

  1. Packing material - Transporting heavy and bulky furniture from one place to another is no fun. If the pieces remain damp for a long time, their finish and even wood could be damaged. Moving professionals use high-quality water-proofing materials to repel water and provide temporary protection for your valuable possessions. However, it reflects on the moving prices.
  1. Enclosed carriage - You can’t risk moving those valuable wood pieces through an open trailer. Otherwise, they will be ruined. Moving furniture through an enclosed carrier is the only way to protect them from rain. 
  1. Labor charges - Lifting heavy furniture items during the monsoon season is challenging and increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Hence, moving professionals ask for more labor than usual.
  1. Traffic congestion - The rainy season causes traffic congestion without fail. Vehicles move slowly on slippery roads. Also, packers and movers need to change the route as many areas get damaged or flooded because of heavy rain. These factors eventually will increase fuel consumption and, finally, the price of the move. 

Make the right moving decision 

We hope you found the article helpful. Moreover, you can hire professional Packers and Movers in Mohali through trusted portals like LogisticMart to ensure the protection of your furniture and enjoy a great shifting experience at cost-effective prices.  

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