The emotions of a widow from Kyiv

The emotions of a widow from Kyiv

Samuel P.N. Cook 52:35
Wow. Thank you again,Yuriy and Lolita. I know we talk about the war so that people that I know and people in the west can stay updated about what's really going on. And I think this really gives people the personal side of that, which is so important. So I thank you for your sharing, your family story, and your father's story.

Samuel P.N. Cook 53:01
And Yuriy - nice job to make sure that his story lives on through, the work that we'll do together with the foundation and beyond. So thank you. And I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Lolita Hryhorieva 53:20
Thank you, me also.

Yuriy Bogun 53:24
Goodbye through the victory.

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