Shot Blasting Machine: What You should Know

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Shot blasting is actually a method used to clean, fortify (strengthen) or polish metals. The process is applied in virtually all industries that use metals such as automotive, construction, foundry, aerospace and various other individuals. The query arises, how is shot blasting carried out? A machine (shot blasting machine) comes to our rescue. The machine strongly blasts the metal beneath processing to eliminate such impurities as rust, scale and welding slag.To efficiently carry out its job, the shot blasting machine is composed of components that each carry out a specific function as explained below:- Get more facts about Sandblasting Room


The Blast Wheel

The blast wheels are a important spare a part of blasting gear. A blast wheel produces the centrifugal force needed to project the abrasive particles. The price of work and type of job impact the amount of wheels that are installed around the blasting machine.


The cabinet can be a closed booth free of vibration, and it can be produced of steel. It's lined using a put on resistant liner, ordinarily an Mn alloy. The cabinet offers an environment exactly where the abrasive particles (traveling at higher speeds of 50 - 100m/s) could be treated.

Work Handling

This element varies greatly from machine to machine, because it directly is determined by the following two things; the type of machine that you are utilizing and also the size and excellent in the particles to become obtained within the finish. By way of example, roller conveyor kind shot blasting machine is developed for heavy-duty beams, steel profile and fabricated work pieces.


The abrasive recovery system is recovered in the lowest finish on the shot blasting machine cabinet and linked towards the screw conveyor on the base of your elevator (which also carries the separator). The elevator can be a essential component considering that it's malfunction will translate to low production rates in the shot blasting machine. It thus requires continual maintenance.

Air Separator

The principal aim of your separator is to clean is always to clean the abrasive particles origination from the blast wheel. When abrasive metal particles enter the blast wheel, they should be rid of all contaminants as the cleaning makes the shot blasting machine work effectively.

Dust Collector

Because the name implies, the work of this component should be to collect dust during the blasting course of action. The dust originates from the cabinet ventilation and separator. It commonly creates laden air building an avenue for environmental pollution and also the prospective wellness threat to the workers in operating within the sector. To curb the complications, the user from the machine must assure suitable work to the dust controller.

The importance of this machines cannot be stressed sufficient. The significance is explained by their widespread use within the machinery world. Having said that, customers require to totally understand the annals of shot blasting machine for them to harvest the power at their disposal fully. Suitable information may also ensure that minimal (if any) environmental pollution is triggered, and consequently decreased health dangers to workers in a provided market.

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