Britain announces plans to mint its own NFT as it looks to ‘lead the way’ in crypto

Cryptocurrencies, blockchains, non-fungible tokens, decentralised currencies these are all the buzzwords going around the world.

Cryptocurrencies, blockchains, non-fungible tokens, decentralised currencies these are all the buzzwords going around the world. But in reality, they are much more than just internet hype and could might as well be future of finance.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens which are digital assets representing real world objects like pictures, art, music, in game items. NFTs are bought and sold online. Each token has its own unique identity unlike cryptocurrencies which are fungible. In the recent years NFTs have skyrocketed because of large interest from celebrities.

Considering the rapid growth of these Digital Assets, on 4th April the UK government announced that they plan to mint their NFT in an attempt to become world leader for the crypto and blockchain market.

The U.K. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has asked the Royal Mint to create and issue the NFT “by the summer.” City Minister John Glen announced a number of steps the U.K. will take to bring digital assets under more regulatory scrutiny. Glen says the government wants Britain to “lead the way” in crypto. Their plans also include to

  • Bring stablecoins within the U.K.’s existing regulations on electronic payments.
  • Consult on a “world-leading regime” for regulating trade in other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.
  • Ask the Law Commission to consider the legal status of blockchain-based communities known as decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs.
  • Examine the tax treatment of decentralized finance (DeFi) loans and “staking,” which gives crypto users the ability to earn interest on their savings.
  • Establish a Cryptoasset Engagement Group that will be chaired by ministers and host members from U.K. regulators and crypto businesses.
  • Explore the application of blockchain technology in issuing debt instruments.


Stablecoin cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and unpredictable since their value id derived from foreign currencies like U.S. Dollars. Tether is the world’s biggest stablecoin and has a supply for more than 80 billion. Tether is criticised a lot as well due to the lack of transparency around its reserves. UK government seeks to bring them in their regulatory system.


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  1. Violation of coinbase user agreement

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  1. Unusual activity on your account

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  1. Perform a password reset

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  1. Try contacting coinbase support

If there is problem with the transactions or you are unable to make any purchases, withdraw money then this is the best solution for your problem. You can contact coinbase. The team will ask your personal details to verify your account. They will then confirm the reason for the freezing and will provide youy with the solution as well. Contacting the customer support is the best course of action in the events of an account freeze/restriction

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