About the rivalry ****ween non-profit organizations during the war

About the rivalry ****ween non-profit organizations during the war

Samuel P N Cook:
Okay, and Oksana, how can you tell me what you did before the war? Just tell me and let me know where you’re from.

Oxsana Chorna:
First of all, for me, the war started in 2013. Now we have Maidan because I really know that the Army is from 2014 to 2017. So, for me and the world, it’s been eight years. For the past four years I have been a professor of economics at the university and I had no connection before the war with the military, the doctors and so on. I am a perfect teacher. This is my career in this field. Working in Poland, Germany, I participated in public education programs. So for me the last two months have been a big change. And the war, the Russian thing, this blatant crime, I chose to go to Ukraine because for the last four years I lived in Oman and worked in Moscow, at a university of business and modern science as professor of economics. And I just bought tickets and decided that my place here was my place on the front line as a soldier.

Full interview https://borderlands.com.ua/podcast/stand-with-Ukraine

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