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"Of course I went in" Zhou Chengjin said with a horizontal face and then hurriedly explained "I didn't do anything I felt sick and came out Do you remember last year when your sixth sister was frightened and had a fever in the middle of the night Do you know why she was frightened It was because you met this bastard Sun Yueting that your sixth sister hid in the well to avoid a difficulty If you don't believe me go back and ask her Chu Sheng's face turned white white and red Suddenly he said in a cold voice "Since you know about this why don't you tell the emperor" The emperor doesn't trust you the most Zhou Chengjin "sniff" "you are also a muddleheaded no matter how to trust me the prince is also the emperor's own son Besides do you know how many princes have eyes and ears around the emperor Do you know how many of the courtiers have submitted to the prince I'm afraid if I come out of the Palace of Heavenly Purity with my front foot the garden will be empty with my back foot full of spring and my life will not be saved Chu Sheng's white face is still unacceptable "If I'd known I wouldn't have told you" said Zhou Chengjin "let's go back I'm afraid the five princes are waiting" "Good" Chu Health & Medical Sheng said as if waking up from a dream "I'll go back and see the sixth sister" Chu Qing was changing clothes in silence in the room Chu late in the side of the voice to curse Zhou Chengjin "this rascal how on earth did you offend him" Throw dirt all over you for no reason "How do I know" Chu Qing looked innocent and angry "I usually go out a limited number of times the rest is in the house how can I offend him" He may be out of his mind He still plays this kind of trick at his age Even his brother Min doesn't throw stones "But teach that pair of sisters to get a clever son" Chu late think of angry "it is estimated that the prescription fell into their hands you are not back Those two people are so jealous of you that you cleaned up the house for them led them around the garden and fed the dog with your kindness Chu Qing put on her clothes loosened her hair again and combed it one by one "If you don't give it you don't give it I wrote to Zhou Lin to ask for it She can also make wine" "Cut you are generous that is the prescription from the palace can be compared" I heard that some recipes for medicinal diet and cooking can sell for hundreds of taels of silver Chu Qing laughed and teased her "I've been in charge of the kitchen for two months and now I know that the prescription can be sold for money" Chu Wan was so angry that he threw Chu Qing's clothes to the ground and lay down on the bed "Don't pay any attention to me I'll squint for a while" At this time Wen Qiu lifted the curtain and came in "The fourth young master is outside saying that he has a few words to say to the girl" Chu late "Teng" to jump up "he still has the face to come all day long to make friends with some riff-raff" pointing to Chu Qing's nose "in the future you also less contact with him birds of a feather flock together see him with that Zhou family uncle mixed together will know what is not a good thing" Chu Qing said with a smile "I'll go out and have a look I won't talk much By the way I'll ask about the young master of the Wei family" He turned and went out of the yard Chu Sheng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was unharmed China Manufacturers but he was somewhat surprised "Well Ah Jin didn't mean it I'll make amends for him and the sixth sister Don't be angry with the sixth sister" A teenage man threw sand at a ten-year-old girl Say it's not intentional who believes it Chu Qing smiled "I am not angry at most next time I throw sand on him also said that it is not intentional when the time comes the fourth brother will compensate for me" Chu Sheng scratched the back of his head and wanted to speak out the prince's shameless behavior which frightened Chu Qing Moreover Zhou Chengjin was right If this matter was leaked out he would die if he was not careful This yard is full of masters and servants who knows which mouth is not tight to sell him At that moment he only lowered his voice and whispered "People who see the royal family in the future can hide as far as they can unless they have to" Chu Qing saw that he had spoken cautiously and solemnly answered "Good" and then asked "How is the character of the second young master of the Wei family I heard that he seemed to be discussing marriage with the fifth sister" Chu Sheng took a look at her "Wei's young master's conduct is not difficult to inquire about as long as you have the intention to go to Yanle Hutong to ask" The second wife didn't plan to find someone to check As soon as Chu Qing heard this she understood and sighed "The fifth sister is not the second sister"
” Chu Sheng said lightly "Chu Nuan is not the second wife's own It's no wonder My father doesn't care The sixth sister doesn't need to touch these things If she touches them others won't be grateful to you I'm really sorry to go to Aunt Zhang's side and say something" Aunt Zhang's mind is much stronger than Chu Nuan's and she will come forward to ask her father what to do Yes Chu Qing felt that character was important perhaps Gifts & Crafts Aunt Zhang or Chu Nuan thought that family background was the first with family background the rest were floating clouds On the hill behind Tantuo Temple the Peach Blossom Forest used to be a verdant pine and cypress with a faint blue eave sticking out among the dark green branches and leaves This row of four small courtyards is specially built for the royal family which is simple simple deep and quiet At this time in the innermost room there was a suppressed cry coming out The prince sat cross-legged on the futon his white brocade robe winding on the ground his expression gentle and calm but his eyes showed the light of hunger and thirst He came out from Jingxin Courtyard and met Chu Wan and Chu Qing when he went back He thought the duck he got would fly like this but he was regretting that he would meet another pair of sisters Chu Wei offered to come out "Six younger sister's clothes are stained with soil if your Highness can't wait then I'll go and get it back for her" Prince should not with two sisters came here The servant girl was blocked outside the pine forest and Chu Kui also threw it to the Chamberlain The prince ordered "Whatever you do don't mess up your makeup and hair and don't break your body so as not to be difficult to explain" The Chamberlain knowingly covered Chu's mouth and dragged it down The prince took Chu Xi's body in his hands and carried it into the inner room like a chicken He threw it on the ground and said "Take off your clothes" Chu Xi cried and refused The prince was very patient "No one will come here without permission If you are not afraid to spread it just cry And take off your clothes for your own good If it is torn you have to go out naked People in the temple will see the bodies of the seven girls of Wei Guogong Mansion Do you want to" Chu Xi thought of the situation and shook his head in fear trade-global.com
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