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The magic leaf avoided the vital point at the critical moment, but it was still injured in the right shoulder by the sword wind. The cave of the underworld was too late to stop, so it stabbed the ground with a sword and burst the soil. The dust covered the body of the Hades Cave, and the magic leaf released the divine weaving again to check. Sure enough, the opponent disappeared again. He frowned. It's not good to be passive all the time. He quickly waved his wand and formed a shadow around his body. Sure enough, the next attack of the Hades Cave was easily intercepted by him, and the staff containing tremendous power sent him flying again. Ming Dong was so angry that he was shot off twice. I didn't expect the first battle after the robbery to be so awkward. The magic leaf never gave the hole a chance, moved out directly, and the hole, which was still unstable in the air, was hit one after another. Fortunately, the immortal armor defense is strong enough, even so, it is not seriously injured, but the true yuan in the body is a little bad. Very not easy to jump out from the attack, the hole slowly spit out a trace of fog around the body, the magic leaf did not dare to attack rashly. Volume III Demon Chiyou Chapter 48-Sky Cloud Star Jiang Ming and the purple bell came to the earth to the outside of the transport array, he is the first time since reincarnation out of the earth. This is it. This array is relatively old,a333 grade 6 pipe, and the pressure of transmission is relatively high. I dare not use the transmission array until I reach yuan Ying. But it's not a threat to you. The purple bell gave Jiang Ming a hint carefully. Thank you for reminding me. How many planets do we have to go through to get to Chaos? Purple bell took out a few Lingshi into the array, "this array starts a little slow.". We had to pass through three planets to get to a moon outside Chaos, where we had to fly ourselves in. "Fly yourself in!" Jiang Ming has never had the experience of flying from one planet to another. In his previous life, he only practiced in the middle of his OBE, which he dared not even think about. When it enters the gravitational diffraction plane of the planet, the gravitational force can tear a true cultivator into pieces. What's the matter? Are you afraid? Ziling looked at Jiang Ming with a smile. How is that possible? Who am I? "Humph.." Let's go,uns c68700, the formation is activated. Then he went straight in. Jiang Ming also hurried in. Moments later, Jiang Ming felt that the pressure around him suddenly increased, and if he hadn't been prepared, he would have made a fool of himself. People were seen in the array, but Jiang Ming could still hear the laughter of the purple bell. After a while, the pressure was gone. The teleportation is over, and the scenery has changed. It's all rocks and yellow gravel. This is the planet closer to the earth, which is called Mars by mortals and was formerly called Mars. There is no living thing here, because the star core of this planet has been taken away by a four plundering immortals from outside. Jiang Ming remembered the illusion of the road in his ring, which was based on the core of a star. Of course, I also think of my mother and Shawna and others inside. When? We have to go in. It's been so long. Jiang Ming thought in his heart. Jiang Ming followed the purple bell to fly to another transport array, where he could connect to the next target planet. Jiang Ming saw a lot of Mars scenery along the road, "there used to be creatures living here, x56 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, right?" "I haven't seen it, but it was inhabited before, and then it was destroyed." During the conversation, the two men came to the place where the transport array was located. After this transport array, we are out of the solar system. Earth is the only planet with life in the solar system, but it is everywhere outside. There are many practitioners outside, unlike the earth, it is not easy to see a practitioner. Purple bell did not know that Jiang Ming was transferred from his previous life, so he thought that Jiang Ming had not seen the world of many practitioners together. The two were about to walk into the transport array when suddenly the transport array lit up with a white light. Someone is going to transmit. Should we avoid it? Jiang Ming asked, if the sudden appearance of the Black Water Pluto was spread out, the Milky Way would surely be in chaos. No, if anyone dares to do it, I will restrain him. Purple bell's words startled Jiang Ming, this woman is really not afraid of things. Moments later, a few people came out and took the lead with the fire cloud. Huoyun, it's you. Jiang Ming is also quite unexpected, did not expect to meet here, it seems that the words are not easy to say. It's a little brother. How did you get here? Who is this? Huoyun didn't recognize the purple bell for a moment.
"It's her." Suddenly, one of the men behind Huoyun, a distracted old man, said. Why did she come out? But he immediately realized the situation he was in. Eyes staring at the purple bell, full of fear. Hum Purple bell disdains the stuffy hum, "the sensible ground leaves here quickly." Jiang Ming complained bitterly in his heart. Little brother. What's the matter with you? Huoyun also recognized the purple bell and looked at Jiang Ming with a face of surprise and anger in his eyes. "I'm wrong about Huoyun!" Said bitterly. Huoyun, I will explain to you later. You'll understand when the time comes. "Humph.." Why don't you go? The purple bell threatened, "Don't blame me for making a move." Jiang Ming naturally knew that the purple bell was scaring them, but the others didn't dare to think that way. Let's go, hum. The old man also said bitterly, staring at Jiang Ming, several other people also cast a resentful look at Jiang Ming. But they all wisely chose to run away. Looking at the few people who left, Jiang Ming was very helpless. It seems that there will be no quiet days in the future. Two people walk into the transport array, this time the pressure is not as big as the last time. Jiang Ming looked at the scenery in front of him, which was much more beautiful than the earth. Due to the development of science and technology, serious environmental pollution, coupled with the exhaustion of Reiki, biological species began to decline rapidly. There is a breath of life everywhere. This is the place where the Milky Way Xiuzhen lives, and there must be a struggle. We'll mind our own business and go straight to the teleport. Purple bell reminds Jiang Ming. Jiang Ming and the purple bell flew to the transport array. On the way to see a lot of fighting, Jiang Ming did not go to the tube, thinking: "Here is really a mess ah." When they reached a mountain pass, they met with a fight. Jiang Ming, who had already seen nothing strange,316l stainless steel pipe, did not pay attention to it at all, but the scene was indeed much bigger than the previous ones, and it seemed to be a school struggle. I couldn't help looking twice more. lksteelpipe.com
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