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Scream queen

Besides, cockroaches are not poisonous enough, and they have no other effect but to increase sacrifices in front of them. Even Zhu Yang, because of the double barrier of fish scales and spiritual power, as well as the rapid operation of the huge Lingyun crystal that had devoured the old mother of cloud poison before, was able to protect himself in front of the overbearing poisonous fog. But Wan Du Lao Zu is getting more and more excited: "Is there so much talent and magic power?"? Everything is good. He even talked about what he did after taking over the body: "Your insect plague is really wonderful. It seems that the poisonous strength of these insects is no worse than that of the poisonous generals. It shows that there is still a chance to refine them." "It's really a waste in your little girl's hands. If it were me, I would be able to build it into an invincible insect army." Zhu Yang laughed and said, "Right?"? Why else would I pick you? Who thinks a young and beautiful girl can see your old face? Don't you have to feed my babies? Wan Du Lao Zu smiled: "Well, well!"! You are my favorite disciple. You are really ambitious. If I don't have this ability, I can only choose to inherit aging. You are the best person to inherit my mantle. "Inheritance?"? I always like to rob. Zhu Yang smiled, and then his expression suddenly became cruel. At first glance, she had no way out, but she stepped on the poisonous water on the ground and disappeared in an instant. That poison water is not so easy to enjoy, is the ice stick in the ten thousand poison Lao Zu's close to the body to the poison melt, through the special boots Zhu Yang still need to crazily urge the spirit cloud crystal to filter the toxin, not to mention directly with it as a mirror to wear down. When the exposed skin is directly exposed to the toxin, it is simply a death wish. The next second, a hand appeared under the poisonous water of Wandu Lao Zu's fighting power, which caught people off guard like a ghost. But Wan Du Lao Zu seemed to have eyes all over his body,24v Gear Motor, so he lifted his foot and stepped on the snow-white palm, and let out a scream across a layer of space. Wan Du Lao Zu Hei Hei smiled and said, "Little girl, your skill is good, but it's a little tender to fight with your teacher." Where the poison gas is, it can't escape my perception. Do you think I don't know how you disappeared? You can get into the unknown Sumi space, but you can always get out in the same way. The hand was directly trampled by his foot,Small Geared Motors, and the phalanx was broken and bloody. But suddenly, a knife went straight through the hand and into the soles of his feet. Wan Du Lao Zu ate a pain and retreated, and the look on his face became ugly. Okay, okay, okay! You are indeed a good disciple of a teacher. If you can make a teacher suffer such a loss, it will not be in vain for me to cultivate him. However, Zhu Yang is also the type who takes advantage of your illness to kill you. He is expected to retreat. At the moment when he is not stable and balanced, several knives come one after another. The net woven by the flying knife was dense, and with the powerful force and the blessing of the power of mind, the old ancestor of ten thousand poisons could not completely avoid it in this momentary posture. He had seen the sharpness of that road, which was a hundred times more overbearing than the hardest metal in the world, and he dared not take it by force with his body alone. Can only avoid the vital point of a few, and then borrow force to fight, but Rao is so, Gear Reduction Motor ,gear reduction motor, arms, legs, chest and face were rubbed out a few small wounds. This made Wandu Laozu more and more angry. At this time, Zhu Yang also came out of the poisonous water mirror not far away, only to see a large area of her face burning scars, peerless beauty suddenly destroyed. Rao is a spirit cloud crystal crazy operation detoxification, but the overbearing toxicity and direct contact from the skin damage can not be reversed. Wan Du Lao Zu laughed and said, "I don't know that my disciple is such a man of backbone. He would rather die than submit." "It's a pity that you died in the wrong way. Anyone who is poisoned by me will become my poison after death. I am a good disciple. I am very gratified to be a teacher." Compared with him, Zhu Yang's face was extremely ugly. "This is the first time I've been so embarrassed, so embarrassed that I have to give up my beauty and make such a big sacrifice with such an ugly gesture to reverse the defeat," she said with a grim tone. "It's your honor to die and go to the Palace of Hell. It's enough for you to be reincarnated in the next life." Wan Du Lao Zu smiled and said, "Good disciple, do you still think you have a chance to turn the tables?" Zhu Yang smiled: "Of course, the higher the investment, the more benefits I have to recover, and you can't afford this weight.".
” Then she put the knife in her hand in front of her: "Tut!"! Sure enough, you are also green blood. You are not a caterpillar, are you? This jump is too strong, ten thousand poison Lao Zu did not react for a moment, subconsciously looked at her knife. Suddenly saw her knife above, in addition to his green blood, but also with strands of red. The knife only hurt him. How could there be? Then he thought of the hand that had been pierced. He had always thought that the hand was Zhu Yang's, but now she was in a mess, but her hands were still in good condition except for the traces of toxic burning and corrosion, and there was no trace of trampling. Zhu Yang did not want money, poured a few bottles of recovery potion into his mouth, slightly got rid of a trace of dead gas, and gave himself a longer time to act. Wandu Lao Zu's way is not fancy, even compared with the extremely stimulating visual effect of Yundu Lao Mu, it seems much more simple. Can be to let Zhu Yang all kinds of means can not be used, the real repair for the profound to this step, but not too complicated. Poison Lao Zu shook his head and said, "It's no use. What about the antidote?"? Big Luo Jinxian can't save you. You'll fester and die. Zhu Yang smiled eerily: "I know, just one step before you die, I will win." Perhaps her attitude is too firm, Wandu Lao Zu has no reason to have a bad heart, this intuition is that he has not felt for nearly a hundred years. In order to avoid a long night and many dreams, Wan Du Lao Zu took the lead in attacking Zhu Yang for the first time. His fingertips were dark and sharp, not the metal texture of Bai Youyou, which had been transformed by game props. They were all condensed step by step by their own cultivation, but if they were put together for comparison, the white and horrible fingertips would look very thin in front of him. That black gas in the air if there is substance, Zhu Yang absolutely dare not go directly to pick up,Low Rpm Electric Motor, afraid of a touch on death, so a waste of the opportunity to die, then she is finished. ichgearmotor.com

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