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"All right, infantry and cavalry attack!" Lieutenant General Asami Xing finally breathed a sigh of relief. From the observation effect in the distant mirror, he was very satisfied. The North Koreans, no, the Chinese New Army was bombed flying all over the sky, with countless casualties. It was really cool! The 37th Infantry Regiment of the Japanese Army, in a good mood, began to attack from the front, then seized the front line of the Korean Army and restored the situation at the beginning of the battle. The sparse and collapsed phalanx of the Korean Army could not stop the fierce attack of the Japanese Army and was defeated. However, when the Japanese army, which had also received orders to attack and tried to encircle the Korean army, was advancing on both flanks, it was suddenly attacked by the Korean army. The Korean army, like the tide, used intensive firepower to beat the Japanese riflemen in a muddle. Even with German machine guns at the point of interception and fire support, and occasional artillery bombardment, the Korean army's frenzied retaliation could not be stopped. The Korean army on the left wing advanced five kilometers, captured a large area of Japanese positions, and completely wiped out the Japanese troops of the 230 Battalion. The 219 Battalion also suffered heavy losses, and the Japanese army lost 2,000 men on this side,Small Dc Gear Motor, while the total number of Korean troops in the attack was only 2,000, and the losses were only more than 400. On the right wing, the Korean army also won, the key is because the ordinary infantry weapons of the Korean army are rapid-fire weapons used by the Chinese army, even though the Japanese army has many special shooters, but also because in the fierce charge back and forth, they are blocked by the smoke of gunpowder and can not play a sufficient role. However,brushless gear motor, the victory of the Korean army on the right wing did not last long. Because of the shortage of ammunition, they quickly returned. Although they returned, they were carrying ears cut off from the bodies of more than one thousand Japanese officers and soldiers. The Japanese found the problem, quickly entered the chase, and ate the tail of the Korean army. Facts have proved that the generation difference of weapons is huge, bringing the power of a small Korean division to a terrible extent, and the meat shield is not a simple target to be eaten. Chapter 86, Chinese Air Force Bombing The information liaison of the Chinese New Army is naturally not inferior to that of the Japanese Army. Therefore, the battle situation of the Korean Army Guard Division in the front line will be transmitted to the rear through some officers from time to time, so that the real commander Duan Dapeng can grasp the progress situation and make appropriate adjustments. It's not time yet! Let the North Korean army be on top for a while. The battle between the Japanese Guards Division and the Korean Imperial Guard Division was indeed a battle between the strongest armies of the two countries, and both sides tried their best. The Korean army is determined to maintain the glory of the most elite troops, and the Japanese side will never let the honor of the Guards Division be tarnished. The name of Lieutenant General Asami is very bad, which does not hinder his accurate judgment of the current situation. When the two sides launched a seesaw battle, at noon, the Japanese army suddenly attacked. General Kuroki, 12v High Torque Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, who was also personally in command of the battle, decided to put all the mobile forces of the Guards Division into battle, and the Air Force's aircraft had circled over the Korean army to get a rough number. It is estimated that tens of thousands of enemy troops are possible. Although General Kuroki did not understand that the Chinese New Army could not go all out to send more than 100,000 troops to the battle, he also knew that if he could seize the opportunity and wipe out the 30,000 Chinese troops with more than 100,000 troops of his own superiority, it would be a beautiful thing. "The Chinese New Army is really too proud, and they must suffer a great loss." The Japanese army sounded the clarion call for a general offensive, and the entire Guards Division, except for a small number of artillery and transport troops, had more than 20,000 troops, all of whom were thrown into battle. The Japanese officers and soldiers, like the tide, charged in an overwhelming manner. The momentum was so great that it was unforgettable. The Korean army was shocked by the momentum of the Japanese army and began to fear. This is not the real ability of the Japanese army, after four hours of testing, and then according to the reconnaissance of the aircraft, Lieutenant General Asami was convinced that the tanks and air forces of the Chinese New Army were not here, so he telegraphed Kuroki. Kuroki just flatly ordered the attack.
When the North Korean army gathered to resist, suddenly found that the sky has become very terrible! At first, in the front, a black dot came through densely, suddenly there was a violent sound of artillery, and then a sharp roar from far to near, suddenly it was very clear. Cannon! Cannon "Yes, the artillery group of Japanese pirates!" "Quick, escape!" The North Korean army could not help but panic. On the front, it was attacked by a new round of Japanese artillery. The artillery shells covered it so fiercely that it was far beyond the imagination of Korean officers and soldiers. Many soldiers had not made any response before the violent explosion ended all the characteristics of thinking and life. At noon on that day, the amount of bombs dropped by the Japanese army on the center of the Korean position was a base number. More than four hundred cannons had been firing for a full thirty minutes, and this time, instead of the last time, which was actually very sparse, the Japanese cunningly concealed the number of artillery, and only then did they give full play to their power. While shelling the central front position, the Japanese tanks took advantage of the chaos and the fierce sound of artillery to quietly advance to the two flanks. On the north and south flanks, two brigades of tanks each had more than 250 tanks, totaling more than 500 tanks, which were all the heavy armored forces of the First Army. General Kuroki put all his eggs in one basket and was determined to eat up the thirty thousand new Chinese troops. In the face of the fierce attack of the Japanese army, the Korean army could not cope with it, so it could only quickly dig individual combat tunnels to hide and escape. However, the intensive artillery fire still blew up the Korean army on the ground within a radius of several kilometers in the central position. More than four thousand Korean troops were wiped out, and the remaining Korean troops were less than one thousand. It was indeed a fight to the death. By one o'clock in the afternoon, the losses of the Korean army had reached an astonishing number of more than ten thousand men. After the shelling, the elite Japanese Guards Division troops had been resting in their positions for a long time, and they did not hesitate to charge forward, occupying the empty and discomfited Korean positions,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and easily killing the remaining and disabled Korean officers and soldiers in pain. The Japanese troops howled and rushed up and stabbed the Korean officers and soldiers with bayonets, leaving no one behind. Although some Korean officers and soldiers surrendered with guns in despair, they were not spared from the Japanese massacre. ichgearmotor.com
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