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Rebirth chases beauty

"All right, just go and see Grandpa Zhao." I said. To be honest, if I want to go back like this, I must catch a cold. I might as well go and have a rest. Ha ha, your grandpa Zhao and I read you several times, just as you come to the door today, just have a meal together in the evening! Zhao Junsheng said with a smile. That's a good idea. When I get here, I'll be a guest of honor. I didn't eat enough at noon, but I ate enough at night. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 71 [I seem to have been cheated] High School Seeking Beauty Chapter 71 [I seem to be cheated] "Dad, Xiao Liu has come to our house!" Zhao Junsheng shouted to the upstairs as soon as he entered the door. Not long after, Zhao Limin came downstairs in his overcoat. When he saw me, he immediately waved to me and said, "Xiao Liu, you're here!"! Sit down, sit down! I changed my shoes and said respectfully, "Hello, Grandpa Zhao!" "All right!"! Xiao Liu, please sit down and drink some water first. I'm playing chess with an old friend upstairs. I'll come down later. Zhao Limin said to me. Dad, you let Xiao Liu go up to accompany you. Yan Yan and I help Yu Ma cook some food. Xiao Liu will have dinner at our house in the evening. Zhao Junsheng suggested. Just as well! Xiao Liu, you come up to give advice to Grandpa, so that Lao Ye is always self-righteous,plastic bottle making machine, and we two work together to kill him! Zhao Limin said with a smile. I cast an inquiring look at Zhao Yanyan, but Zhao Yanyan shook her head, saying that she did not know who Grandpa Zhao's old friend was. I followed Zhao Limin up the stairs, do not know what Grandpa Zhao in the end means, kill each other a piece of armor, is it polite? Or do you really think so? The big man's words are true and unpredictable. Let's talk about it when the time comes. At the worst, he will pretend to be stupid when he asks me to advise him. We went to a small study on the second floor,liquid bottle filling machine, where an old man in his fifties was sitting, drinking tea and staring at a game of Go that had not yet been finished. Lao Ye, introduce a young man to you! Liu Lei, young and promising! After Zhao Limin entered the room, he pointed at me and introduced me. Oh? There are not many young people that you like, Mr. Zhao! The young man must not be an ordinary person! Old Ye said. Where, it's all Grandpa Zhao's love, Ye. I wanted to say that Grandpa Ye was flattered, but this guy's age is not like a grandfather! "Oh, you can call me Uncle Ye. I'm younger than Mr. Zhao, and my daughter is about the same age as you!" Uncle Ye said. Haha, Lao Ye, are you worried when you mention your daughter? Who told you to have a child so late? My granddaughter is about to get married. Your daughter hasn't found her husband's family yet. Zhao Limin joked. Zhao Lao, I respect you for being older than me, and we were comrades in arms when we were in the army, water filling machine ,CSD filling line, but you can't always take this matter to run me! Alas! But my daughter is really worrying. She's so old that she doesn't even have a partner! Uncle Ye sighed. Hey. I said Lao Ye, where are your eyes looking? Xiao Liu is Yan Yan's boyfriend! Zhao Limin joked. Don't worry, Zhao Lao, how can I rob my grandson and son-in-law with you? Uncle Ye laughed. Come on, Xiao Liu, help Grandpa to see where to put the next move. Zhao Limin said to me. As soon as I entered the room, I saw the chess game. The sunspots were obviously less than the white ones, and Grandpa Zhao was holding the sunspots. If we look at the number alone, Grandpa Zhao is losing more than winning. But Weiqi is about balance, from the big point of view, although there are many white pieces, but many waste pieces, if the sunspot can occupy the first hand, then the outcome is still unknown. But I dare not talk nonsense, who knows what these two old guys are thinking. Am I right? If Grandpa Zhao thinks that I have refuted his face and said something wrong, he should think that I am a fool. It seems that there is some truth in the sentence of "watching chess without words". So I said, "Grandpa Zhao and Uncle Ye play chess, and the younger generation dare not talk nonsense." "It doesn't matter. Just say it. Grandpa is going to lose anyway!" Zhao Limin waved his hand and said. Zhao Lao, you still have a little self-knowledge! I thought you were deliberately looking for a junior to play chess with me to cover up the fact that you lost! Uncle Ye said.
"Humph!"! Xiao Liu, you go to play with him! You must win him. If you lose, I won't marry my granddaughter to you! Zhao Limin said. I'm sweating! What is the condition? It's a threat! Isn't this driving a duck to the shelf? Seeing my embarrassed expression, Uncle Ye said, "It's all right, Xiao Liu, just let go of your arms and play chess with me!"! If your wife is gone, I will marry my daughter to you! My daughter is as beautiful as a flower and as beautiful as a jade, no worse than his granddaughter! Look at that! Look at that! It was premeditated! The fox's tail is finally exposed! You really want to hit our Xiao Liu! Zhao Limin pointed at Uncle Ye's nose and shouted. I'm sweating again! How can these two 50-year-old men be like two children, and this kind of thing can still be a joke? Besides, my love life is chaotic enough now. Xia Jing, Ye Xiaoxiao and Chen Weier have made Zhao Yanyan endure me again and again. If there is another one, Zhao Yatou may tear me up. Seeing that I did not speak, Zhao Limin said seriously, "I order you, as your future Grandpa Yue, to kill your Uncle Ye completely!" Dizzy dead, since Zhao Limin said so, I can not refuse again, had to sit on the edge of the chessboard, said: "Uncle Ye, offended!" Soon, I was in the mood. I have a clear understanding of the overall situation, winning Uncle Ye is also a matter of time, but winning him is not too not to give him face? After all, he is also an elder and a comrade-in-arms of Grandpa Zhao. I know the concept of comrade-in-arms. Although they are not brothers, they are as close as brothers. They are all brothers who roll and climb on the death line. That feeling is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Although the two of them are joking with each other, I'm afraid Grandpa Zhao will be embarrassed if he really wants to give the book to the younger generation! But if I lose,water bottle packaging machine, not to mention Grandpa Zhao's face, in case he is so angry that he really doesn't marry Yan Yan to me, then my intestines will not regret it? I really regret that I agreed to Zhao Junsheng's request and agreed to come up and sit down. gzxilinear.com

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