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When Lin Lei just stepped into the metal castle, he heard a voice: "Boss!" Beibei's voice was very loud. Lin Lei looked up in amazement: "Beibei, you..." He was surprised to find. He couldn't even feel Beibei's breath. Remembering the fluctuation of the law of heaven and earth just now, Lin Lei instantly understood: "Beibei, was it you just now?" "Yes." Beibei proudly akimbo, "boss, it took me twenty years to finally understand the mystery of the'dark element '.". I have learned two profound laws. So, now it's the middle God. "Well, it's pretty good." Lin Lei teased. Because there are nine kinds of abstruse elements in the law of wind system, it is necessary to understand three kinds in order to become a middle God. Or understanding the two and merging the two can also become the middle God, while the earth, fire, water and darkness are all six mysterious laws,Slate Wall Panel, and only two need to be understood to become the middle God. Lin Lei. Come on in. A voice came from the living room not far away. Lin Lei immediately walked into the living room with Beibei. Beirut stroked his beard and looked at Beibei with a smile: "I have provided so many conditions, but also let you understand the simplest'dark element 'abstruse.". You actually spent twenty years, if let Lin Lei to understand, I'm afraid one year is enough, you are still proud. He's my boss. Of course my boss is better than me. Beibei doesn't care. Beirut could only shake his head and smile,Porcelain Marble Slabs, and immediately he looked at Lin Lei: "Lin Lei, you sit down first." Lin Lei sat aside as ordered. Beirut sighed, "Lin Lei, how are you practicing now? When will you reach the middle God?" I'm not sure myself, but. The law of the earth. I have merged most of the two abstractions of "Earth Pulse" and "Earth Element". It is estimated that in a few decades, the two kinds of abstruse should be able to be fully integrated. Lin Lei did not hide it. Beirut could not help exclaiming: "While understanding while fusion?"? Do not covet rash advance You are really clever. "This is what Mr. Leiling instructed me to do." Lin Lei said. Mmm. Beru sighed, "There are some things I should tell you, Lin Lei. Did you wonder why the four ultimate warrior families suddenly disappeared?" Lin Lei's eyes lit up. The answer is simple, the four ultimate warrior families are brought into hell by the strong in hell. Beirut laughed. "To be exact.". Your four ultimate warrior families. In fact, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Pietra Gray Marble, it should belong to the family of the four gods and beasts in hell. Lin Lei felt a shock in his heart. "The family of the four mythical beasts?" He exclaimed. "The four mythical beast families are the roots of your four ultimate warrior families!" Beirut sighed. Every son of the family, if you want to be reborn, you still have to go back to your family of four gods and beasts. Baptized by the ancestral hall. "Reborn?"? Ancestral hall baptism ? "Lin Lei became more and more confused.". Beirut nodded and said, "Lin Lei, didn't you find out?". The children of your four ultimate warrior families. Generally speaking, the understanding of the law is very low, such as your ancestors, even the edge of the law is difficult to understand, occasionally understand, the speed is very slow. Lin Leilian nodded. His brother, Wharton, was also slow to understand. The speed of understanding is so slow. Not as good as the more powerful humans. Still worthy of the name of the family of four gods and beasts? The practice speed is slow 。 It's because they haven't been baptized in the ancestral hall. Beirut sighed. The baptism of the ancestral hall of the family of the four gods and beasts is very mysterious. It's not as simple as I thought. The baptism of the ancestral hall of the four gods and beasts is also very famous in hell. Beirut took a look at Lin Lei, and in Beirut's view. Lin Lei's practice is so amazing now. Once baptized by the ancestral hall. That would be an absolutely terrifying genius! "林雷 . Do you want to go back to the family of the four mythical beasts and see your ancestors? "Beirut had a smile in his eyes.". Lin Lei was a little hesitant. After all, once you leave the mainland plane of Yulan, it will be difficult to come back, and Lin Lei also has to respect Delia's opinion. Man. "How indecisive?" Beirut whispered. "Besides.". It's just a magnolia continent. Are you such a genius that you are in a physical plane? The vastness is boundless Hell, where the strong are like clouds, is the place where you really suit yourself! Lin Lei felt a shock in his heart. The eldest brother. Hell is interesting. For example, Grandpa's metal castle is to buy land in hell. Bei Bei Liandao.
Beibei, who is full of curiosity, is also looking forward to the highest'hell '. The family of four gods and beasts is in the Blue Mansion of the Land of Blood Peak in Hell. Beirut said directly. Whether you go by yourself. Make your own choice. Lin Lei immediately saluted: "Yes.". My Lord Beirut. "Beibei, let's go." Lin Lei looked at Beibei. Oh Beibei nodded. Lin Lei sighed at the bottom of his heart when he saw Beibei's expression. Beibei grew up with him, and like him, he had blood in his body. Everyone likes challenges and adventures, and Lin Lei knows that Beibei wants to go to hell. But if Lin Lei wants to go to hell, he must convince Delia! Inside the Dragon's Blood Castle. Delia glanced at Lin Lei next to her. She knew what Lin Lei was thinking, especially in the last three days, when Lin Lei occasionally showed a trace of yearning in his eyes. A little confused. It always made Delia feel a little sad. Lin Lei. Delia suddenly gritted her teeth and made a decision. Hmm? "Lin Lei looked doubtfully at Delia next to him.". Delia looked at him with a deliberate low sigh: "Lin Lei.". Don't you think there is no passion in Yulan Mainland now? "Yes." Lin Lei's eyes lit up. Delia. I think so, too. Do you think we are. Lin Lei stopped in the middle of his speech and looked at Delia. There was a smile on his face. "Delia.". Thank you Lin Lei already understood what Delia meant. Delia is going to help him! In fact, these twenty years of quiet life. I am also very satisfied. Whispered Delia. Delia sighed, "Lin Lei.". I know you are constantly struggling. You are always full of fighting spirit,Artificial Marble Slabs, and I like you like this. In the land of Yulan where there is no challenge, your fighting spirit will be gradually smoothed. And, deep in my heart. And a little eager to live with a little passion. 。 forustone.com
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