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The Dragon Manager also said at the right time, "This is the token for you. From now on, you can use this token to send messages to the people on the Dragon God Island.". This token can be used as a sound symbol. If the dragon family is within a radius of ten miles, you can get a hint on the token. If someone sends out a distress signal, you can decide whether to help or not according to your own wishes. But I personally hope that if possible, you can help, after all, the number of our dragon family is too small. Chen Yang nodded and said, "Naturally, as long as I can, I will certainly help. But now I am a guest of the Dragon Family. You haven't said whether you agree to the terms of cooperation we proposed before." Manager Long patted his forehead and said with a smile, "Really?"? Look at my memory, it's really.. I agreed to the conditions you put forward on behalf of the dragon family. Now you are our own people, and to tell you the truth, in fact, the first two kinds of low-level elixir you provided are also very useful for our dragon family, with them I believe that the growth of the younger generation of our dragon family will be much faster, but I still hope that you can refine more advanced elixir, it is best to be helpful to our older generation of dragon family, but this matter is not urgent. Wait until you feel sure. Now I'll take you to our Longjia medicine storehouse to have a look. Chen Yang nodded, and arhat together in the dragon under the leadership of the general manager came to the dragon's medicine storehouse, not to mention anything else, light this scale has been much larger than the dragon group, which like the dragon group there are only about three rooms in size, in front of this large house of the giant this can be called "storehouse" ah As soon as Manager Long opened the big stone door of the medicine storehouse, Chen Yang smelled a deep fragrance of mixed medicine. Chen Yang closed his eyes and carefully distinguished the medicinal materials. This should also be Chen Yang's occupational disease now. Doctor, you know, Manager Long also looked at it with a smile and did not disturb Chen Yang. As for Arhat's trip, it was purely a soy sauce maker. Of course, it didn't matter. Chen Yang opened his eyes with a happy look on his face and asked the Dragon Manager excitedly, "Elder Dragon, can I go in now?" Manager Long said: "Of course, since you are an alchemist, your contribution can only be reflected in the alchemy, so you can go in first to get the medicinal materials you need, but remember to register here later, this is also for the convenience of management, by the way, you can use the space ring to pack out first, digital whiteboard price , I will save a storage bag, ha ha.". Also, my name is Long Ao, and you can call me Uncle Ao in the future. Chen Yang nodded, and then went into the medicine storehouse, the arhat is naturally accompanied by Uncle Long Ao waiting for Chen Yang outside. The speed of Chen Yang's sweeping is very fast. According to several prescriptions synthesized by the genius learning system, Chen Yang found the needed medicinal materials in the Longjia medicine storehouse, which is worthy of the great power of the medicine storehouse. There are many kinds of medicinal materials. There are also some medicinal materials that Chen Yang knows or does not know, all swept some into the space ring, until the ring is filled with this to give up. As soon as Chen Yang looked, the total amount of medicinal materials in the storehouse did not seem to have been reduced particularly much, as if he had only taken less than one tenth of the amount of medicinal materials in the storehouse this time. You should know that Chen Yang's space ring had three thousand cubic meters of space, so it was filled up a lot. It can be seen how much medicinal materials Chen Yang had taken out this time. However, it also shows how huge the amount of medicine stored in the Longjia medicine storehouse is, which is the inside story of the big family. Chen Yang's efficiency is very fast, it only took less than half an hour to get the medicinal materials he wanted, so he did not let Luohan students continue to be embarrassed with Uncle Long Ao outside. Arhat and wretched uncle Long Ao are under great pressure. They speak carefully for fear of saying a wrong word, so Arhat feels quite big. But next, it was Uncle Long Ao's Yali Mountain, because Chen Yang took out the medicinal materials from the space ring as if they were endless. Fortunately, Chen Yang took back the ring after registering each medicinal material, which did not take up much space outside.
This time it was Uncle Long Ao's turn to be hurt. No, it should be said that he was distressed. However, Chen Yang was a new guest of the Long family. Naturally, it was not easy to offend him. So he said sourly while registering: "How long will it take you to finish refining so many medicinal materials?" Chen Yang shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said, "Don't worry, Uncle Ao. My alchemy is famous for its speed. Arhats know this best. If I fire all the medicinal materials, it is estimated that they will be almost completed in a month." Uncle Long Ao's eyes were wide open and he said in surprise, "How long did you say?"? A month? Are you kidding me? Looking at Chen Yang's affirmative eyes, Uncle Long Ao turned to look at the arhat again and asked doubtfully, "Is this true?" The arhat nodded like a chicken pecking rice. Chen Yang then added, "Of course it's true. I have a knack for making alchemy.". In this way, you can provide me with a quiet room, and I will first refine a batch for you to have a look, and by the way, I can also make room for my ring. But can you provide me with some of the small jade vases for Dan? I've been using it like this all the time, and there's not much left of the jade vase in the ring. Chen Yang's words made Luohan blush for a while. Every time Luohan finished eating "Zengqi San", the jade bottle was thrown away directly. He never thought about the problem of recycling, and never thought about giving Chen Yang some jade bottles on his own initiative. Chen Yang could only rely on the stock in the ring to support him, and now it is almost used up. Uncle Long Ao put on what he thought was the kindest smile and said, "No problem. There are a lot of these things. I'll send them to you later." Chen Yang here to alchemy, arhat naturally have nothing to do, but he can't leave Chen Yang belly alone in the dragon home, so arhat also by the way in the dragon home to practice, anyway, the younger generation of the dragon family is always to practice it with the mix. hsdtouch.com

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