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Twilight Xiaoxiao, male, the leader of the five-level gang Twilight City, is also the fourth five-level gang in addition to the king of Taihe Palace, the overlord of Zijin City and the intoxicated east wind. Gang strength should be said to be able to rank third and fourth in the full service, and the strength of pure love paradise, the level of gang members is not low, the strength is not bad, generally speaking, it is stronger than intoxicated with the east wind. [World] Silk Love Button: Why don't you ask him what he did first? His friend asked for money, but if he didn't give it, he would kick people. Twilight Xiaoxiao, before you stand up for the gang, you should see what position you stand on first, OK? [World] Twilight Xiaoxiao: I just asked you! How does he know about his friend? As soon as you come, you don't say anything and kill directly. Are you still justified to implicate innocent people? [World] Silk Love Button: If you find a friend like that, you have to realize the end of having such a friend. Yang is also stuffy, in fact, the 70-level Dragon Palace is really quite innocent, at that time, several other people in the team have been echoing the jasmine blossom, but the Dragon Palace. To be honest, she really felt quite embarrassed, although Jasmine said several times that she had a powerful friend who always helped her and so on, but in the end this is not a person related to her being scolded and kicked. Only now silk tough attitude, let Yang also feel that she can not be soft at the moment,touch screen interactive whiteboard, can not destroy the momentum of silk, after all, she is not the Virgin Mary, she has to consider friends. [World] Twilight: How can he be responsible for a friend he doesn't know at all? [World] Silk Love Button: I ask you to ask things clearly before you come to me, OK? Don't make me say what you don't know, is really a scholar met a soldier, reason is not clear! Yang also saw this sentence, the corners of the mouth pumping, in fact,smart board whiteboard, silk, this seems to be really not our reason ah! However, the world channel to say, it is not a convenient thing, think of here, Yang also quickly hit a sentence: [World] Willow: Twilight, if you need the whole process, just M me, I'll give you the chat record. The author has something to say: When playing games, it is quite common to go to PK in a moment of blood fever. I personally do not love PK, the number of times involved in PK can be counted on one hand, but sometimes when I am so angry that I can't bear it, I implicate innocent people. Cough, it's not that it hasn't happened before. If you're in a good mood afterwards, it's no problem to compensate for it. Sometimes you will be confused because of the bad attitude of the other party. No one is a saint, the noble existence of the Virgin Mary, even in the game. Unlikely to exist. PS: Mo, this is to open the second watch of V. Indemnification Yang also knew Twilight Xiaoxiao. Although he was not familiar with her, 75 smart board ,smart board touch screen, he still had some friendship. Twilight Xiaoxiao, as Yang also expected, came over with a single M: "Willow, how can this be related to you?" Twilight Xiaoxiao's question in Yang Yi seems very normal, she does almost never get involved in these fights, to say that the temper to PK fight is common, then she is absolutely good baby. Yang also thought about it for a while before he said it in a more euphemistic tone, and finally added: "I was too angry at that time, and things may not have been made clear.." Twilight Xiaoxiao didn't reply to the message for a long time, probably because he asked what was going on in the Dragon Palace that was killed. It took him a long time to reply: "His friend said that he was jumped out of the car in the third level of training, and he was pulled by his friend to make up the number.". Even if there is a misunderstanding, you can apologize to him alone. Anyway, I didn't lose anything. I gave him two plots to make up for the lost experience. Yang also "oh", calm down, she did not intend to cause any more trouble, single M that dragon palace, said "sorry", and took out two pieces of high-grade furniture from the warehouse, made an appointment with the dragon palace to him. The Dragon Palace saw a hundred thousand worth of things as compensation, but also knew that he needed to run 500 more to help people in the gang to help the two plots can be done ahead of time, in a good mood naturally will not care about such a trivial matter with Yang. So Yang Yi thought that the matter was over.
After all, twilight xiaoxiao this person is still very trustworthy, when the road is not peaceful to help the two high-level gang main force to cause trouble, was hunted down and killed very tragic, he simply did not come forward, let them toss about, said it was a personal emotional problem, does not involve the interests of the gang. Now a gang of more than 70 people are looking for someone to settle accounts when they have an accident. It can be seen that he still attaches great importance to gangs at all times. On the second day when Yang also felt that something had happened here, she was ordered to run a few darts when she had nothing to do. Before she could ask why, she had been killed. Because of the automatic attack, she had no time to change the command to defense or escape. So, as a result, she was sent back to the small black room of white impermanence in the underworld. If only killed, Yang will not feel so happy, but the key is-strong P will drop things, and Yang also dropped, is her super JP level 90 whip, blowing snow. [World] Willow: Nirvana, what do you mean? Why kill me? [World] Nirvana: You found someone to kill my wife yesterday, and I'll kill you today. What's the matter? Yang is also stupefied, yesterday looking for someone to kill his wife, is that jasmine blossom? But she is only more than 40 levels, but Nirvana is 110 levels of the Tang Dynasty government, the gap between the two is a little big, right? Besides, if that Jasmine Blossom has such a senior husband as Nirvana, why is she still pestering her for money? Thinking of this, Yang Yi immediately felt that Nirvana was telling a lie, sneered, and quickly hit the road. [World] Willow: Oh, I didn't expect you to be like this now? Does your wife have to ask others for money to support you? After that, Yang also ignored the clamor of Nirvana. She clicked on the official website, went to the forum, and opened a post to upload the screenshots of yesterday one by one. Finally, she also uploaded the screenshots of blowing snow by strong P today, and added some background notes. These things were done yesterday,smart board interactive whiteboard, but after that, she didn't intend to do it, but who knows it's getting more and more complicated. hsdsmartboard.com
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