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Quick-wear lines are poisonous.

Quick-wear lines are poisonous.

"Washing the meridians and cutting the marrow" Douglas blinked and the tree of life shook its branches curiously It seemed to be curious about this new term that it had never heard before But teacher how to do this Douglas looked at the empty environment with only one tree and asked doubtfully "There is nothing here" He had heard lemon mention before that the so-called "washing the sutras and cutting the marrow" means that a monk soaks in precious liquid medicine supplemented by exercises so as to adjust his body to the most suitable Organic Chemicals constitution for spiritual practice such as washing off the miscellaneous spiritual roots and washing the spiritual roots into a single heavenly spiritual root But here there is neither bath nor liquid medicine and his Elf King's constitution seems to have no need to make additional adjustments Sutra washing and marrow cutting is not just what I have mentioned to you Besides adjusting people's constitution and washing away miscellaneous spiritual roots it also hides an unknown special function or it can also be said to be a method As if seeing through Douglas's mind Lin Yu said calmly "The reason why this exercise is so obscure that only a few people know about it is that besides the extremely precious and difficult to obtain liquid medicine it also makes people very painful" "This exercise we call it --" "Man-machine" After saying the word Lemon's expression suddenly became serious Man-machine Douglas repeated the word with a strange gleam in his blue eyes Yes human machine Lin Yu stared at Douglas's emerald eyes and said lightly "The so-called human tool is to refine people into tools" "It can refine the fragile body of human beings into a strong one comparable to the high-level magic weapon" Lemon pointed out the strength of this exercise "At that time you will be a magic weapon for walking" Speaking of this the expression on Lin Yu's face was suddenly a little strange Because he suddenly remembered that the Elf King seemed to be a walking elixir If his body is refined into a magic weapon then for those hunters the new elf king will probably become the hardest elixir in history After you have such a strong body you can bear the inheritance of the tree of life unscrupulously "Do you want to try" "Yes" Douglas said without hesitation with an eager look on his face But how do you do that Although the human vessel sounded wonderful the elf king quickly stopped his excitement "Teacher there is no container for refining vessels here" No matter how desirable it sounds if you can't practice all the excitement will be in vain Of course there are containers Lin Yu laughed happily He kicked his legs and said with a smile "I" "I will be your vessel" As soon as his words fell to the ground Douglas's eyes widened and he showed an expression of disbelief Is the teacher going to be his container What the hell does that mean Lin Yu ignored Douglas's surprise He said to himself China Chemicals Suppliers "You've seen what I look like and you've seen what I look like when I get bigger Do you find any difference in the way I change" Not the same Douglas thought about it and slowly recalled "The little man climbed out of the lemon peel but when the teacher became bigger and restored the prototype he turned directly into a lemon" "That's right" Lin Yu showed an approving expression "Climbing out of the lemon is my normal way of transformation but the bigger me is made up entirely of energy which you can understand as my Dharma" Fa Xiang Douglas didn't quite understand the word but he guessed that it probably meant that the teacher he had grown was a second form of energy not the teacher himself With the tree of life energy and liquid medicine are not a problem at all Lemon smiled and at the same time as the white light came out of his body he said in a loud voice "Let go" Not long after he finished speaking the lemon turned into a human form in Douglas's straight eyes! Crow hair snow skin slender waist and long legs was the young man he had seen in a small hotel! Douglas's eyes suddenly lit up and when Lin Yu's transformation was completed and he fell from the air he could not help but reach out and embrace the young man's waist and hold him in his arms Teacher
"Douglas hugged the young man's slender waist and rubbed his head against his warm neck His blue eyes were as deep as a green lake and he muttered coquettishly" Let go little Doug Lin Yu was held tightly in his arms by Douglas and was almost strangled out of breath He patted Douglas on the arm and said helplessly "There are important things waiting for me to do" "Mmm" Douglas gently Organic Chemicals answered and mercilessly hugged Lin Yu and then reluctantly let go of his hand Lin Yu turned around and said to the Tree of Life sincerely "Great Tree of Life can you give me some leaves" The branch of the tree of life shook and after a slight rustle it spoke "Yes" With that it rolled down a large bunch of leaves from the branches and handed them to Lin Yu with the branches The leaves are green and crystal clear just like the beautiful jade carving Lin Yu took the big bunch of leaves and held them in his arms with a satisfied smile on his face He knew that the leaves were all made of energy The abundant energy that can be used for refining is easy to get Lin Yu picked up a leaf with a smile opened his mouth and ate the leaf without frowning! "Teacher you!" When the Elf King saw Lin Yu open his mouth to eat leaves he couldn't help exclaiming After Lin Yu turned his head and gave Douglas a soothing smile he immediately stuffed the leaves into his mouth one by one at a very fast speed After he swallowed all the leaves the young man changed from a human to a small lemon with a "poof" in Douglas's eyes Looking at the little lemon lying on the ground Douglas was very sorry that the teacher had turned into a lemon again He hadn't even touched it yet When the elf king stepped forward to take the lemon back to the palm of his hand a strange scene happened The lemon swelled rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye But in an instant he changed from a small lemon to a huge lemon taller than Douglas! globalchemmall.com

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