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Who is lost in the world of mortals?

"It is precisely because she is from the State of Wu that I can control her by my side.". If he is allowed to stay in the imperial city, it will be even more difficult to rest assured. Since she came to the door, naturally she could not be let go. Murong Xian stared at his disciple's distressed face and asked strangely, "Why do you look so restless?" Tuoba humerus replied listlessly, "I always thought I was excellent, but I didn't know Qin Shuang was practicing so fast." Murong Xian nodded: "I also feel strange, she is just a Sanlinggen, is it the Lingyao Pavilion with a large number of Lingyao cultivation?" Tuoba's eyes lit up at once. "It must be. I'm Shuanglinggen, and now I'm only on the sixth floor.". He Sanlinggen looks only 14 or 15 years old. He is younger than me. How can he practice faster than me? Murong Xian looked at his apprentice, always felt that something was wrong, but could not say, waved his hand and let him rest. Volume 2 The Great Lie Chapter 20 The Palace Gate Is as Deep as the Sea, There Is a Time to Meet Each Other (2) Qin Shuang sat bored on the chair, still pinching the law in his hands. Since Murong Xian did not reveal her identity, she did not have to say it herself. Wearing men's clothes every day has gradually become a habit. After all, there were only two people in this small area, and if she lived as a woman, it would always be inconvenient. Over the past three months, Qin Shuang's divinity has been able to manipulate the ice needle formula skillfully after the last growth and practice,12 needle valve, and can launch more than one thousand ice needles at a time, which is very powerful. But now there is no other magic to learn, I do not know whether the snow spirit forgot or what reason, before leaving did not teach her new magic. Turn over congealed frost formula also only find an ice wall, although not very satisfactory, Qin Shuang is still practicing. After all, the body of low-level immortals is still very fragile,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, and many life-saving spells are better than nothing. It's just that there's someone else who worries Qin Shuang. The Tuoba Gong identified Qin Shuang as a man, and after the first few days of awkwardness, he soon showed a friendly attitude. It's just that these irregular visits from time to time make her so annoyed that she can't even think of going out to find someone. Brother Qin! "Here we go again!" Qin Shuang pressed his forehead and felt a headache. Cultivating immortals is a lonely thing. According to Tuoba's words these days, he has been accepted as a disciple by Murong Xian since he was a child, and has never been out of the palace gate with his master, and has been in the palace all the time. Murong Xian was in seclusion from time to time. Because of his status as an immortal, he could not interact with mortals. Naturally, he was very lonely. Let's go out for a walk. The scenery in the Royal Garden is very beautiful recently. Tuoba Gong has a happy face. Qin Shuang suddenly some envy him, this age should be so comfortable. It's just that he has such an idle temper, and he doesn't know how to practice so fast. The shadow of the moon is about the same age as him, and at present it is only the fifth floor. Fine Qin Shuang suddenly could not bear to refuse him and readily agreed. The two men walked side by side in the imperial garden. It was late spring, and although there were many flowers in full bloom, it was hard to avoid the meaning of some dilapidation. After walking for half a day and seeing a pavilion, stainless steel needle valve ,14 tube fitting, Tuoba pulled her down with great interest, conjured up a black silver self-pouring pot from his storage bag, and then put out two small wine cups. As soon as he lifted the lid of the pot, the wine was fragrant. So you were prepared? Qin Shuang laughed and said, "aren't you afraid that your master will punish you if he knows?" "I'm afraid, it's just that since I tasted it once, I've got something in this cup.". Read the latest chapter faster, please go to () "Tuoba Gong said with a bitter face," If you go to discuss the matter of practice with brother Qin, you can slip out fair and square. " "So you used me as a cover?" Qin Shuang did not drink wine, can not help but some curiosity to taste a mouthful. A pungent smell assails the nostrils, burning all the way to the abdomen, followed by the remaining fragrance in the mouth. Qin Shuang's face immediately turned red. It seems that it is really too strong to drink. Qin Shuang carries the magic power to evaporate the wine in the abdomen, only then feels better. When Tuoba saw Qin Shuang's exercise, he patted Qin Shuang discontentedly. Had it not been for the fact that Qin Shuang was a cultivator of immortals, this force would have been able to slap her down. Brother Qin, a man should drink such strong liquor, or you will be regarded as a sissy according to your appearance. Not to say, and forced a cup of Qin Shuang.
This black silver self-pouring pot is also a treasure. It has a huge space, and it is used to store the spirit wine and the water of the spirit spring. It was originally a gift from Murong Xian to Tuoba Gong. It is really a pity that it is used to hold all the wine. Qin Shuang asked, "Brother Tuoba, why don't you drink some immortal wine?"? You can improve your cultivation or your state of mind a little, so that your master won't be dissatisfied. Tuoba Gong sighed in a loud voice: "Our special product of the State of Jin, immortal wine": Jiayuan Brewing ":,:. There is no taste after drinking it. A bird can fade out. There is really nothing to drink. The Kingdom of yuan is thousands of miles away. I don't know how their "Lingxian Wine" tastes. Qin Shuang shook his head and stopped asking questions. Although there are not many people who like to cultivate immortals, the Tuoba humerus in front of us is obviously one of them. Tuoba was obviously addicted to alcohol. After drinking a few cups, he no longer remembered to persuade him to drink. He poured only one cup at a time. Qin Shuang drank two more cups and then put it down and stopped drinking more. Soon, twilight fell. Tuoba has not been forced to drink, Qin Shuang watched him have more than ten catties under the stomach, is lying on the table, personnel do not know. Did you leave him here? This big living person can't be put into the spirit animal bag, can it? Before the spirit beast opens its mind, it can also be collected in the bag. What about this drunken immortal? Qin Shuang thought about it or gave up the idea. With the help of Tuoba, Qin Shuang followed the road in his memory and walked back. Only, after a while, she found herself lost. With a self-deprecating smile, he put Tuoba on the side of the road, and as soon as he moved, he stood ten meters above the sky. From a distance, I found the direction of my residence and was about to land when I found a hidden garden less than 100 meters away, where pear blossoms were planted. Qin Shuang thought a move, fell in front of the small garden. The door was unlocked and opened with a gentle push. In March and April,ball valve manufacturer, it is a good time to blossom, a tree bud pressure on the branches, the prosperity has been extremely. chinaroke.com

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