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Dragon Quest (Part 1)

The famous Hongmen Banquet in history was planned by Fan Zeng, and Bangdi was almost stabbed to death by Dingzhuang. Now there is a father Xiang Shaolong who is as familiar with the history of this era as himself to help Xiang Yu, that Hongmen banquet may be. The more Xiang Silong thought about it, the more frightened he became. Suddenly, a bold thought that made him tremble involuntarily passed through Xiang Silong's heart-kill Fan Zeng! That is not for Liu bang to remove a strong enemy? At the same time also if cut off a Xiang Yu's right arm! When this vicious thought flashed through Xiang Silong's chest, the blood of Xiang Silong's whole body seemed turbulent and cold. But If you kill Fan Zeng, don't you wait to commit a crime and change history? This What should we do? Xiang Silong was completely immersed in a painful meditation and could not help scratching his hair. When Han Xin saw Xiang Silong's abnormality, he knew that Fan Zeng must have a big problem in Xiang Silong's heart. As for what it was, it was not something he could measure. With a gentle cough, Han Xin broke Xiang Silong's meditation full of doubts: "What's the matter with you, second brother?"? What are you thinking? So entranced? Xiang Silong, with a wry smile, retorted: I.. Nothing! Just thinking.. Want to meet Fan Zeng! Han Xin knew Xiang Silong was not sincere, but he still chuckled and said: "This is very easy. I have a sworn brother named yuan, who is very familiar with Mr. Fan. When I get to the Western Regions, my second brother will take my letter to my brother and ask him to take you to see Fan Zeng." When Xiang Silong heard the name of "Ju Tong",Stainless steel foundry, he felt very familiar with it. Remembering that there was a counsellor named Ju Tong beside Han Xin in history, he could not help but be overjoyed. "I think the eldest brother or accompany me to the western regions to visit Fan Zeng first!"! And I also want to get to know the drama brother in the eldest brother's mouth. Han Xin could not imagine that Xiang Silong would change his plan to "take refuge" in Xiang Liang because he heard the name of "Fan Zeng", which showed the importance of Fan Zeng in his mind, but Xiang Silong did not seem to know Fan Zeng, but why did he value him so much? Even though Han Xin was extremely intelligent, he could never imagine that Ding Silong was a "modern man" of their time more than two thousand years later,DIN screw plug, and was familiar with the history of their time. Slightly one Leng under Han Xin nodded: "Everything is according to the second brother's words!"! Oh, it's almost dawn, let's go back to the county government to arrange things in the city of clouds, take a rest and then pack up and prepare to go back to the western regions! TianJue and ShangGuanLian and others have been because of see Xiang Silong face heavy and did not interrupt, this moment hear Han Xin this, TianJue first couldn't help but ask Xiang Silong way: "Young Lord, that Fan Zeng." Xiang Silong did not want to mention the name of Fan Zeng again, and did not wait for the day to finish the words to interrupt and turn the topic: "Godfather, you go to take care of Luocha Shuangyan and see how their injuries are."? If it's serious, exercise to treat them.
” The day must smell speech strange call way: "What I fear most in my life is coquettish women. Let's leave it to my adopted daughters!" Shangguan lotus catch narrow way: "Si Long is actually a piece of filial piety!"! His daughters-in-law forbade him to go to the brothel to fool around, so they took these two women to honor your two brothers! "A dog really bites Lu Tung-pin and doesn't know good people!" After a pause, he said: "They don't look so bad either: they're already half Xu Lao Niang, Steel investment casting ,socket screw plug, but they're still charming. They're slim, their skin is tender and smooth, and their bed skills are even better. I think.." ShangGuanLian also to go on, but see CengYing, ShulanYing female have blushed pretty face, Zhang biying is covered his ears, Xiang silong and Han Xin is not knowing whether to laugh or cry frowned, suddenly know oneself said too explicit, the old face a red, and said: "Anyway, they can get by!"! Would you like Qingqing to wear a red line as a matchmaker for your two brothers? "This will not waste Xiang Silong's good intentions!" The old face of the sky and the earth was said to be swollen into a pig's liver color by Shangguan Lian, and the former became angry from shame: "Even if our brothers are bachelors all their lives, they won't want such two witches!" Do not want to Raksha Shuangyan at this time happened to have been Zhu Lingling and Shi Qingqing to massage to wake up, hear this, two people open the eyes of the demon into the voice, see the day of the "face", Raksha Shuangyan eldest Feng Meijiao drink a way: "With your brother's ghost, you also want to eat the tofu of our two sisters, but it's really a paralyzed clam moth who wants to eat swan meat-wishful thinking!"! He doesn't take a piss and look at himself. He looks like a monster, but he's pretentious! At this point, Xiu turned his eyes to Xiang Silong and said in a soft, self-intoxicated voice: Although our two sisters are famous for their lasciviousness in Miaojiang, it is not easy to go to bed with men, unless it is to win over and use those smelly men! Only Xiang Shaoxia can really make us fall in love at first sight and be willing to give our bodies. Hearing this, Zhu Lingling frowned, stood up with a stuffy snort, and walked back to Shu Lanying. Shi Qingqing blushed with a stern shout: Feng Mei, you are not allowed to talk nonsense! Tidy up your clothes quickly and go to thank Shaoxia Xiang for not killing him! Feng Mei to Shi Qingqing seems to be some scruples, smell words to go to the state of coquettish, face looks a little gray pale in Shi Qingqing's support to stand up, and sister Feng Jiao walked to the front of Xiang Silong two feet away, to Xiang Silong brushed the body way: "My concubine is like two younger sisters. Thank you, Shaoxia Xiang, for not killing me!" Embarrassed by Xiang Silong's silent internal force, he held up their figures and said: "This.." You two don't have to be so polite! In fact, you are just being used by Tong Qianjin. Now you can bury the hatchet. I hope you two can put in a good word for us in front of your master after you return to Miaojiang, so as to completely explain the misunderstanding between us. Xiang Silong wanted to reprimand Luocha Shuangyan a few words,car radiator cap, but he did not know why he saw the other side's delicate state, but it was not fierce. Perhaps she was really persuaded by Grandma Shangguanlian to bring them together with the two adoptive fathers. Luocha Shuangyan seemed to have no idea that Xiang Silong spoke so euphemistically to the two of them. After a slight daze, Feng Mei nodded and said:. autoparts-dx.com

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