Inverted horizontal knife

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Yan Xiaodao has always been able to suppress emotions, and even if Mount Tai collapses in front of him, he can not hide and remain calm. He did not like to feel sorry for himself when things happened, nor did he complain about everything. He silently chewed every trace of emotion that could be called uncomfortable, chewed blood and swallowed it into his stomach, but his heart was really uncomfortable. Linghe did not go out, but flashed into the living room at the right time and came upstairs with Yan's knife in his arms. Several people on the side pretended to be polite: "General Manager Ling, let's help carry it." Linghe simply refused: "No, I'll do it." Several fellow thieves had a good eye, and their hands did not come out of their trousers pockets. They followed the instructions of Mao Xiangu's eyes and suddenly took a big step back to make way for the two men. They stood in the posture of two rows of small poplars on the side of the road. Yan Xiaodao is actually hard to hold. He is tall and has long legs, and the high muscle density of men means that the weight must not be light. Linghe secretly loosened his shoulders, stretched out his arms to strangle the knife master, and bit his lips as he exerted his strength. Unexpectedly did not strangle up, because Yan Xiaodao grabbed the sofa down with one hand, the person was frozen in midair, whispered: "Don't hug, it's not necessary, I'm not both feet disabled,die casting parts, give a crutch." Yan Xiaodao's voice is a very manly subwoofer, his eyes are frightening, even if he is seriously injured, his whole body still has an inviolable, inviolable/playful aura. Linghe looked down at the knife with a wordless expression: "My family is not equipped with crutches or wheelchairs. You only have my two arms to use." Then he took the man away with a force. Linghe did not speak a gentle strength, the action or exposed considerate, carefully put Yan Xiaodao on a soft chair in the bathroom. The ankle has stopped bleeding and scabbed these days,deep draw stamping, so it can be washed. The hot water pipe continuously pumped out steam, which slowly expanded its sphere of influence in a narrow space in a tangible state, and finally surrounded the sight and breath of the two men, each of whom could not see the other's expression clearly. Ling He whispered, "Do you want to take a bath?"? I'll help you. Between two people, unexpectedly also has such a day, how absurd. Yan Xiaodao was fumigated by the steam, and his Adam's apple moved: "You go out, I'll do it myself." Linghe pushed aside the white fog and stared at him seriously. "You don't have to hate me so much. How can you wash yourself?" Yan Xiaodao frowned slightly. "I don't hate you. I don't need to serve you." Linghe blurted out, "Your ribs and right foot can't touch water. How can you get into the bathtub?"? I'll wash it for you, and I won't rape you! When Yan Xiaodao heard this, his black eyebrows jumped. He was very sensitive under the eaves. At that moment, he was really stabbed by a man's dignity. His eyes shot through the Ling River from bottom to top: "Can you be strong/violent? Try it!"! Unless you cut off my other foot and two hands. The two men frowned coldly and stared at each other, car radiator cap ,die casting parts, but both secretly regretted that they had not wanted to quarrel a few minutes ago. When Linghe came in with people in his arms, what he was thinking was to speak softly to the knife, beat his back and undress his clothes, rub his legs and wipe his body, and wash his feet with water. He was willing to do anything for the knife. He wanted to keep the knife, so he kept it with him all the time, whatever he wanted. Linghe lowered his voice and settled for the next best thing: "I'm afraid you'll slip in the bathroom and you won't be able to step into the bathtub with one foot.". If you bother me so much, I'll change someone to serve you, so you don't have to face me. Linghe clearly had a strong sense of loss under the skin, but the quarrel did not hide its edge. He was vigorous and resolute in handling affairs. He turned his head and shouted downstairs: "Ah Zhe, come up." Hearing this, Yan Xiaodao lowered his voice to stop him: "Don't let him come!" Two people look at each other quickly, one face is clear in the heart but each other is not happy, the mouth can not admit. Yan Xiaodao is not blind, Su Xiaodi is almost bent into Gui Faxiang flower, big wave hairstyle hot like a head of twist, let Su Zhe to toss him to take a bath? Ling He did not turn over his eyelids kindly: "In this way, there is only Zhixiu left in the house, or shall I let Zhixiu come?" Yan Xiaodao was almost dizzy by the people in front of him. It must be because of the steam in the bathroom. He was dizzy and short of breath. The corners of Linghe's mouth revealed a slightly discernible bad expression: "You don't have to avoid suspicion, to show her." She is also crooked. She has no interest in you. She will not see a man's naked body and be out of her mind. You can treat her as a boy.
” "Linghe, have you had enough?" Now it is Yan Xiaodao who wants to spray a shuttle venom on the face of Mr. Ling, who can be called a rogue. "There are only three choices in the room, me, Ah Zhe, and Zhi Xiu. Which one do you think is more pleasing to the eye, Mr. Yan?" Said Ling He with a leisurely expression. In fact, Ling He doesn't like to hide his mind, nor does he have autism or selective silence. These days, he and Yan Xiaodao are both in a state of cold war with tacit understanding. This sharp mouth is really suffocated and moldy. Is he a person who doesn't like to talk? The two of them were fighting back and forth when the front door rang downstairs and there was a visitor. General Manager Ling didn't need to go downstairs at all. With his clairvoyant eyes, he called downstairs directly: "Huizhen, come up and see Mr. Yan!" Ling He explained softly: "Hui really misses you. I want to see you again. Greet General Manager Yan. Her hands and feet are more gentle than mine. Let her come." "I.." Yan Xiaodao inexplicable, not enough to refute, a string of semi-high-heeled shoes stepped out of the delicate and elegant footsteps quickly climbed up the stairs, has come to the bathroom door, contains a feeling of impatience. The beautiful and dignified girl wears a silk flower hat, a dark plaid thin woolen jacket with a skirt, transparent stockings with delicate brown leather shoes. This retro dress is suddenly the style of Matsushima Nanako, a house goddess who came out of the pictorial in the 1990s. The girl took off her hat and nodded to General Manager Yan. She greeted him with surprise and expectation. The first sentence was Nissan, and the second sentence was standard Mandarin: "Mr. Yan, I am honored to see you again. I miss you very much and care about your well-being very much." As soon as Yan Xiaodao saw the white face under his hat, what else did he not understand? It's his own stupidity. He should have thought of it long ago! Linghe stole the property of Watanabe Yangshan,metal stamping parts, and set a trap on the "Yunduan". Every step must be carefully arranged. How could there be no boss Ling beside Watanabe? Otherwise, who secretly manipulated the gift in the gift of the business partner to make it a killing move, and recorded the love/sex video that made the Youjia lose their reputation and lured the Youzi's life to the afterlife! The bearer was Miss "Beautiful under the House".
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