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Game of death

On the edge of the volcano group, on the cliff outside the woods, Huang Zong's face changed when he heard the overbearing song of the dragon. He turned around and shouted: "The dragon has woken up. Let's go. No matter what, we can't let the Mian Tian Army benefit, let alone let the dragon threaten the city of Xi Tian!" Tens of thousands of soldiers of the Red Eagle Legion burst into a long rainbow of Wen Qi, sweeping to the Dragon Peak, like ten thousand arrows, with great momentum. Boom A loud noise made the world change color, only to see the peak of the Dragon Peak suddenly exploded, magma like a meteor flying, like a giant fireworks feast, magnificent and frightening. Thick scorched smoke shrouded the top of the Dragon Peak, vaguely, alone seemed to see a huge shadow climbing out of the crater, but the scorched smoke covered its figure. Knock, knock, knock.. Alone's heartbeat suddenly quickened, echoing like a drum in his eardrum. Not only did he, but even the golden kite's heartbeat began to quicken. She felt more strongly than alone. She felt an overwhelming sense of danger, as if she could be swallowed up at any time. Surly. Dragon Golden Kite looked fearfully at the Dragon Peak and muttered to herself. Suddenly, regret welled up in her heart. She dared not go to the Dragon Peak. If the Dragon tore her apart, her life would be over. Soon, however, her face showed a decisive color, not their own fate, what is the meaning of living, she quickly abandoned the regret in her heart. Flying alone, Jin Kite has just experienced a mental struggle. He has now focused his attention on the top of the Dragon Peak. As he gets closer and closer to the Dragon Peak,Coil nail machine, he can confirm that the Dragon is sitting on the top of the Dragon Peak. Burning smoke billowed into the sky, and a horrible body swam in it, just looking at its shadow, we could see that its size was huge. (To be continued.) Chapter 464 Human Dragon War. "Fall and lead the Dawn organization to fight against the Dragon Peak!" As soon as the post with this title appeared in the Asian Forum of the Text Era, it instantly attracted countless eyes. Players clicked in one after another, and when they saw several photos of degeneration appearing in the Dragon Peak, they were boiling! "I go, I say, why did you come to Xitian City? He can't enter the giant city. So he's going to Longfeng!" Where is the live broadcast? I want to see it! "Tut-tut, Dawn really doesn't know whether to live or die. The Dragon Peak is the place where ten thousand celestial armies are conquering. I don't know how this half-demon will die if he falls." Some of the messages below the post exclaimed, some disdained, and many indicated that they were playing soy sauce in the building. In any case, the Dragon Peak became popular because of its degeneration and dawn. More and more players began to order Huaxia 4 on the Internet. When the battle of the human dragon came into their field of vision, they were immediately immersed in the screen. At the same time, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, the monitoring staff of Huaxia 4 was shocked, because he saw that the number of viewers across the country was skyrocketing, especially the number of online viewers of online TV stations was increasing at an astonishing rate, and it was not long before it broke one million people, which had broken their record of online viewers of Huaxia 4. On the other side, there was a palpitating roar from the peak of the Dragon Peak, like thunder, and the individual came to the foot of the Dragon Peak with a golden kite in his arms. Looking at the towering Dragon Peak, he could feel a heavy pressure permeating within a radius of 100 meters, which made people feel as if they were carrying dozens of kilograms of heavy objects. The strength value of nearly one hundred thousand alone will not feel any discomfort for this pressure, but the golden kite is not the same, her little face is slightly pale. But I can still hold on. Whew! A sound of breaking the air came, and Yueqi, who was full of silver, stood a hundred meters away from the peak of the Dragon Peak with a red tassel pike in her hand. He shouted at the top of his voice, "Don't cover up, dragon.". Come out and die! The sound spread with a rolling sound wave, which was shocking. Shan Luo took the golden kite to hide behind a three-meter-high stone tip, and under the frightened look of the two of them, a horrible body slowly flew out of the scorched smoke.
The two antlers are as straight and sharp as a pike. A pair of tortoise eyes shoot out a fierce light. The body of the white snake is 50 meters long and the water tank is thick. At this moment, the dragon finally reveals its true face. At a glance, the dragon looks like a skeleton. The whole body is white like bone, especially the sharp bone spurs on the back, which adds a terrible momentum to it. It seemed to come from hell, and its mouth was full of hot air, as if it contained magma in its body. The golden kite, who was hiding behind her, suddenly shrank her pupils when she saw the dragon. Even as a princess of the dragon clan, she had never seen such a dragon, as if it were a creature formed by thousands of evils, which made people feel cold. Is this the dragon. Shan Luo looked at the insufferably arrogant dragon in the air and thought silently. His heartbeat had not slowed down since he stepped into the volcano group, and the blood was warming up. Looking at the dragon, there was an inexplicable desire in his heart, and he wanted to tear it up. Eat its flesh and blood! Even he didn't know why he had such a terrible idea, maybe it came from the blood of the black element brontosaurus in his body. Human, what a big breath! The dragon stared at Yueqi with his eyes like red lanterns. As the voice fell, a stream of magma dripped from its mouth. The scorching smoke came out of its body, and it was very strange. All the players and ordinary citizens who watched the live broadcast were shocked by the image of the dragon. This looks like OSS! All of a sudden, the Word Era Asia Forum began to be flooded with comments about the dragon. The dragon has always been a name that makes Asia boiling. No matter what kind of game, the dragon is always the top existence. Now it seems that they are about to see the picture of the coronation army slaying the dragon! "Audience friends, this is the dragon. Now the general and the dragon are confronting each other, while there is degeneration lurking at the foot of the mountain. It seems that this battle can't get involved. Although he is the first player, he can only be a bystander in the face of such a high-end battle." Jason said excitedly, he mentioned the fall by the way, but the tone revealed a pity,wire nail making machine, he also wanted to see the fall show its skills, but obviously it was impossible, most of the audience also shifted from the curiosity of the fall to the battle between the emperor and the dragon. 3shardware.com

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