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Louis saw a look of pain in his wife's eyes and knew he had persuaded her. He himself felt somewhat ashamed of the victory. The textbooks he had read before, whenever they talked about death, said that the first and strongest desire of people who had just lost their loved ones was to stay away from the place where their loved ones died. But if this impulse is followed, it is often more harmful to them, because it will make the bereaved person refuse to face the new reality. The book says the best thing to do is to stay where you are and fight the grief until it turns into a memory. But Louis was afraid to allow his family to stay at home for such an experiment in the struggle against grief, at least for a while. Rachel said, "I know, it's.." It's just that every part of the house is heartbreaking. When you went to Bangor City to buy pizza, I moved Changsha. I think vacuuming the room will make me forget.. Forget about something.. But I found his four toy cars under the sofa.. It's like these toys are waiting for him to come back and.. You know.. Play with them. Rachel's voice, which had been trembling, stopped, and her face was full of tears. "That's when I took another sedative," she added. Because I started crying again, just like I am now.. Oh, what a tragedy this is. Hold me, Louis, will you hold me? Louis did hold his wife. He did well, but he felt like a fraud. He thought about how he could change his wife's tears to make himself more able to persuade her to go to Chicago. Done, lad. Well, hey-ho, let's go. Rachel wept and said,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, "How long ago did that happen?"? Is it over? Louis, if we can get him back, I swear I'll take better care of him. It won't happen again. Just because the driver was driving too fast, I.. We didn't have time to catch him. I didn't know it was so painful. But it's true. Louis, the pain comes again and again, and it's so hard to bear. Louis, even when I'm sleeping, I can't get rid of it. I dreamed over and over again that I saw him running down the road.. I screamed at him. "Sh!" Said Louis. "Sh! Rachel, stop." Rachel looked up at Louis with a puffy face and said, "Louis, it's so unfair to him. It's like he's a bad boy. He probably thinks it's a game.." We chase, stesweet stevia ,saw palmetto extract, he runs.. But the truck came at a terrible time.. When I was crying, Mrs. Dandridge called.. Said she read in the American that the driver tried to kill himself. "What?" The driver tried to hang himself in his garage. He was devastated and depressed, and the newspaper said.. "It's too ***ing bad that he didn't control the car properly." Louis said savagely. But his voice sounded as if it felt far away, and he felt cold all over. A voice in my head said, Louis, there's magic in that place.. It was full of magic before, and I'm afraid it's full of magic now. "My son is dead, and he's out on 1,000 yuan bail," Lewis continued. "He's going to get depressed and want to kill himself, but when some judge revokes his driver's license for 90 days and fines him lightly, he's going to be comfortable again." Rachel said in a dull voice, "Mrs. Dandridge said that his wife left him with the children.". She didn't read it in the newspaper, she heard it from someone. The driver wasn't drunk, he wasn't using drugs, and he had never been convicted of speeding before. He said that when he drove to Ludlowtown, he felt like stepping on a piece of cast iron when he stepped on the brake, and the brake failed, so the car accelerated. He felt like stepping on a piece of cast iron when he stepped on the brake, and the brake failed. There is a kind of magic in that place. Louis threw away those thoughts with a jerk. He took his wife's arm gently and said, "Call your parents now.". You and Ally don't deserve another day in this house. Not another day. Rachel said, "Louis, we can't live without you.".
I think we.. I need us to be together. "I'll be with you in three or four days." If all goes well, Rachel and Ally will be back in two days, but Louis added, "I have to find someone to do my school work for me, at least temporarily.". My sick leave and vacation leave are coming up soon, but I don't want to make it too difficult for me. Chad can keep an eye on the house while we're out of here, but I think we can put our food in Mrs. Dandridge's freezer after the electricity is cut off. "What about Ally's school." Anyway, it's only three weeks before the holiday. They'll understand. That's the way the environment is. They will arrange to give her an early holiday. This will work, as long as.. "Louis?" Louis paused and asked, "What's the matter?" "What are you hiding?" "Conceal?" Louis looked straight at Rachel and said, "I don't know what you're talking about." "You don't know?" "Yes, I don't know." "Nothing.". I'll call them right now.. If you really want to. "Yes." Louis said that the words echoed like iron bars in his brain. Rachel's eyes were red because she had taken a sedative. Her eyes were a little dull and she looked at Louis and said, "This may be for Ally." The best arrangement. Louis,best green coffee bean extract, you look a little feverish, as if you were going to catch something. Before Louis could answer, Rachel went to the phone and called the hotel where her parents were staying. prius-biotech.com
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