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The Lord is mighty

Of course, Panshi is very clear, although his idea is right, but according to the kind of strength that Zhou Tian showed before. If he really wanted to defeat or even drive Zhou Tian away, it would be impossible for him to do it on his own. So now, even if it is a disgrace, the stone can only turn to other ancient existence for help. After all, the existence of Zhou Tian has seriously threatened the living environment of those ancient beings, although not all ancient beings want Zhou Tian to die. But if they could, they wouldn't mind driving Sunday back to the main plane. After all, there is always a person around who is eyeing the territory of his own survival. In this case, I believe that no creature is willing to live in that kind of environment. Not knowing that Zhou Tian's mentality has changed, it is estimated that as long as Panshi really wants to push Zhou Tian to the opposite of those ancient existence. At that time, there will be a lot of ancient existence because of Panshi's request for help, and depending on the strength of this level of Panshi, every more member, it is estimated that the pressure of Zhou Tian will be doubled. And if Zhou Tian can't deal with it well, maybe he will lose his life because of it. Unfortunately,jujube seed powder, Zhou Tian did not know Panshi's action, or even if he knew Panshi's action, he was unable to stop Panshi's move. And in that case, when Panshi was determined to fight with Zhou Tian, it was doomed at that time. If Zhou Tian wanted to settle down to practice, the difficulty was not small. Of course,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, at this time, Zhou Tian did not know what kind of reaction the stone had done, so he did not even think about it, not to mention the preparatory work. There was only one thought in Zhou Tian's mind at that time. Hurry up and start practicing the old power system, and be sure to have some strength before the end of this era. Otherwise, once the era ends and the rules of the game-like world change again, he will be beaten back to his original shape. So, with that idea, Zhou Tian would not consider the action of Panshi, almost after retreating from the space of Panshi, he immediately began to practice. Although it is the role of the monster system, Zhou Tian's physical quality is indeed far superior to that of ordinary people after he has grown up to this point in terms of attributes. In this way, according to the situation at that time, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,akba boswellic acid, Zhou Tian's physical quality is already quite good, not to say more than Shendi, but it is not worse than the demigod. According to the situation at that time, Zhou Tian did not know whether his physical fitness would change with the change of the rules of the main plane. But now at this time, at least in the practice of the old strength system, Zhou Tian is no longer like ordinary creatures, to start from the physical aspects of the body to practice. (To be continued.) Chapter 494 forced to fight. Zhou Tian began to practice is already a top field of strong cultivation, which is a great advantage for him, and as long as he makes good use of this advantage, Zhou Tian believes that his achievements will certainly be great. While Panshi was trying to figure out how to deal with Zhou Tian, Zhou Tian had already begun to practice. Everything was just as Zhou Tian thought. At that time, the advantage he had was very obvious. It was fine that he did not practice. At that time, he began to use his own resources to practice, and immediately realized the convenience of his practice. If you practice to be a demigod, Zhou Tian knows that the key is to see whether you can fully control a law, and when you break away from the form of the field, you can also use the power of a certain law to deal with the enemy. If that standard can be reached, then in the old power system, the practitioner can basically be called a demigod. Zhou Tian did not need any help to understand the law at that time. With his study of the law of time, even without the change of his ideas before, if Zhou Tian had accumulated enough, he would naturally become a demigod at that time.
But at present he has not been able to become a demigod only because of the lack of accumulation, in this respect, even if Zhou Tian controls how big the territory, it is also unable to bring any help to himself. On the surface, according to the situation at that time, Zhou Tian's power did not seem to bring him any convenience in this matter. If Zhou Tian wanted to practice, he still had to practice a little bit like other people, if he could not understand it. He doesn't want to break through into a demigod. However, this is not entirely the case. On the surface, one situation was actually another situation at that time. In the last week of the law, it is impossible to use their own power to bring any convenience to themselves. But if the difference between a demigod and a strong man in the realm is really only reflected in the law, it is obviously impossible. The domain strong and the demigod are both using the law to fight. The difference is that the domain strong's law can only be used in the domain, while the demigod can basically be used as long as it is in the battle. At the same time, the demigod's understanding of the law is relatively strong, so in the battle of the law, the demigod is generally better than the strong in the field. However. Although the gap between the two sides is mostly reflected in the understanding of the law. But this does not mean that the strong in the field can become demigods immediately after they have deepened their understanding of the laws. The degree of understanding of the law can only be used as a reference standard, which does not mean. To become a demigod, you only need to understand enough rules and degrees. In fact. Even if it's fighting without rules. The general demigod is more than a line stronger than the strong in the field. Among them, physical fitness is one of their gaps,ghana seed extract, but in addition. The gap between the two sides is also reflected in combat skills and various equipment and materials. Although Zhou Tian has no way to use his own power advantage in law training, he can't rely entirely on his own power in other aspects, but the power in his hands can help him more or less. prius-biotech.com

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