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And when yuan Chen, who was divided into seven yuan Shen, was killed by him in an instant, many Dao Hua Guang came here, and bursts of screams sounded, he was already like a meteor, throwing himself into the ninth island of Kunlun. The Forbidden Area of Kunlun! "Huang Wu Shen Zhang Jiao!"! Since you are the master appointed by Shifu, I will not argue with you, but you have brought Kunlun to such a situation. If you don't give me an explanation, I will not give up! The evil moon rushed straight to the forbidden place, and before it fell, the powerful and cold voice had already fallen from the sky. This clank of momentum, unexpectedly, is somewhat similar to the arrogance of the original celestial clothes. Elder Martial Brother, I haven't seen you for fifty years, but you still have such a temper. In the ninth island, facing the mountain wall, Phoenix, sitting quietly, sighed slightly and stood up. The thirtieth chapter of the forbidden land, the nether world of blood! In the valley of the ninth island, facing the mountain wall, Huang Wushen just stood up and turned around,tannic acid astringent, and the evil moon was already standing behind him, covering Huang Wushen with bright eyes. Elder Martial Brother, if you want to see me, I will see you. This is my Kunlun Forbidden Area. How can you go straight in? Huang Wushen faced the evil moon, but his eyes were still closed. "If I don't close the ban, will you force your way in?" "Cut the crap!" The evil moon frowned and looked straight at Huang Wushen. "Shifu, when you were in charge of Kunlun, who in the world dared to be an enemy of Kunlun? Now it's good. Not only did I break the Nine Palaces Array of the Kunlun Mountain Protector Osumi, but even some of Xiumo Xiaoxiao dared to stir up trouble. Don't say it's me. I think anyone can break through Kunlun now!" When the evil moon had finished saying this,fenugreek saponins, before Huang Wushen could answer, he suddenly saw a large piece of sword light in the eastern sky, like ten thousand horses galloping. Although they were far apart, they also felt the pressure of the heart. The Great Five Elements Extinguish the Sword Array! Evil month's facial expression suddenly a change, in the eyes reveals the astonishing evil spirit, "you unexpectedly make the disciple practice to kill such a heavy sword array?!" "Elder Martial Brother, do you blame me?" Huang Wushen said in silence, "Although you have cut off the Six Senses and practiced the Perfect Lotus Dharma in seclusion, you have not known the changes in the world for fifty years. But now that you are out of the pass, you can see that Osumi's Nine Palaces Array has been broken, and that I, Kunlun, have sacrificed and killed such a heavy sword array. You can also know that I, Kunlun, have fallen into a dangerous situation. You still want to force your way into this forbidden area. If you break "Dangerous?" "Tell me," said the Evil Moon coldly, carnosic acid price ,ghana seed extract, "who broke the Kunlun Daxumi Array?" "Luofuyuan Celestial Clothes, I am not as good as him." "The original Celestial Clothes!" With a bang, with the exit of these three words, nine white lights burst out around the body of the evil moon, like a white lotus in full bloom, and all the rocks touched by the lights turned into powder. At the same time, the temple of the evil moon is also jumping wildly, the tone can not say the anger and fierce, "Louvre …" . Although the original Celestial Clothes do things according to their own preferences. But he has been following the commandment that I will not attack unless I am attacked. How can he kill Kunlun! Phoenix has no God! You must have taken the initiative to provoke! "It was my fault." Huang Wushen hung his head and slowly turned to face the mountain wall. "Elder Martial Brother, do you remember that when we did something wrong, Shifu would let us face the wall and think about it." What exactly do you want to do. As long as I keep it, I will be the first in the world. The evil moon stepped on one step, and the brilliance flowed all over her body. "Since sixty years ago, you have spared no means to increase the disciples'cultivation as soon as possible, and wantonly destroy demons and demons.". What achievements do you want to leave behind that can't be passed down for thousands of years? I want to see you, you will meet me, you say is easy! Fifty years ago, I wanted to see Younger Martial Brother Xuanyuan and Younger Martial Brother Qingli, but you said they had heavy responsibilities. Fifty years later, can I still see them? "Do you suspect that they have been killed by me?" The look on Huang Wushen's face remained unchanged. "Now is the time to let you know." When Huang Wushen finished, his fingers flicked, and thirteen colorful lights shot into the mountain wall in front of him, like a key, opening the forbidden place leading to Kunlun, which only a dozen people had entered for thousands of years, and the secret palace of Dahua Tianjinlian, which had the same spiritual vein as Kunlun.
"Huang Wushen, what the hell are you doing?"! This is where the Jade Pool and Dahua Tianjinlian are located. How can there be blood evil spirit? This secret palace is in the mountainside directly below the Jade Pool, which is full of nectar and jade liquid. The evil moon just walked a few steps behind Huang Wushen, and then completely changed her face. She was about to start in an instant. Elder Martial Brother Xieyue, what are you going to do? But at that moment, a Taoist wearing a black Taoist robe suddenly strode out of the secret palace in front of him and shouted at him. Younger Martial Brother Xuanyuan! The evil moon suddenly froze. The evil moon has never had a great shock of the primordial spirit as it does today since the practice of the perfect Lotus Platform Fa Hua Jue Dacheng. Because the Taoist standing in front of him, with a scowl and an upright face, was his younger brother who had been suspected of being assassinated by Huang Wushen fifty years ago. Like him, Xuanyuan was listed as one of the ten golden immortals by the monks in the world! But in front of Xuanyuan, between the eyebrows faintly reveals the grey color, the body's magic power fluctuation is also weak and complex, unexpectedly seems to be under a series of dramatic battles, the primordial spirit is extremely damaged. Xieyue and Xuanyuan, Qingli, including Huang Wushen and Luo Shenjiang, all started at the same time. Among the many disciples, Xieyue and other ten people are outstanding and have the highest cultivation. They are known as the Ten Golden Immortals of Kunlun. Among the ten people, Xie Yue had the best relationship with Xuan yuan and Qing Li. Xie Yue was a little older, and the entry time was the earliest among the ten people. Sixty years ago, all the people in Kunlun thought that Xuan Ji would pass the position of master to Xie Yue, but no one expected that Huang Wushen would finally get the position. After that, the evil moon had never seen Xuanyuan and Qingli. When he asked Huang Wushen, Huang Wushen only said that they had a heavy responsibility and could not meet the evil moon. Since the beginning of the retreat fifty years ago, the evil moon had suspected that they had been secretly harmed by Huang Wushen. Monks have to endure more loneliness and have fewer friends than ordinary people, so when they suddenly see Xuanyuan at this time, even if the evil moon is so cultivated,rosmarinic acid supplement, they can't help but lose their heart and tremble all over. What are you doing here? But in an instant, the evil moon had recovered. She looked at Xuanheng and asked, "Who can hurt you like this?" 。 prius-biotech.com
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