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A stream of blood surged up his throat, and Emperor Xu pressed it down. His angry eyes were ferocious: "Cut down the roots, mutilate the hands and feet, and you don't even leave the bones. Yan Jinghong, what a cruel hand you are!" Yan Jing Hong seemed to smile, and her eyes sank into a black condensation: "You taught me to kill, set fire, and destroy corpses when I was four years old." "You, you!" Emperor Xu was trembling all over. He couldn't believe it. The Rong family was a century-old weapon family of Dayan. It was famous for its sword-making skills in the Three Kingdoms. The Rong family had no children and passed on to the throne. After the death of Rong Fei, he searched the cold palace to no avail, then a fire burned up and killed all the relatives of Rong Fei, but at that time Yan Jinghong was only four years old, how did he know? "By my mother's side, there is a palace man who is good at transfiguration. You have left a disaster. However, the king is not you. Even if the palace is stained with blood, he will never leave a person to linger on." Yan Jing Hong slowly raised his eyes, "now you are the only one left." Brutal and heartless. Ruthless, this is the King of Heaven. With his eyes bulging out, Emperor Xu lay on his side and could not retreat. "What do you want to do?" He watched fearfully as he approached, his eyes cold and full of murderous intent. Do you remember what Ben Wang said last time? Emperor Xu suddenly froze. On April 9, the 78th year of the Great Yan, Emperor Xu was critically ill, and Zen was located in Prince Rongde, assisted by the Duke of Jin. On April 20, the 78th year of Dayan, the Duke of Jin committed a rebellion, and the new emperor died suddenly. On April 21, the 78th year of Dayan,turmeric extract powder, Emperor Xu died of sudden illness. All the prophecies have been written down in history. He opened his lips and said slowly, "On April 21, the 78th year of Dayan, Emperor Xu died of a sudden illness." With his eyes full of fear, Emperor Xu subconsciously shrank back and said, "You want to, you want to kill." He said, "Today is the day of your death." The palace lantern went out, and at three o'clock, the bell rang in the Yan Palace. Knock-knock-knock- "" Three bells rang,turmeric extract powder, and the emperors and empresses passed away. The people in the Chenggan Palace shouted, "The overlord is dead." There are clouds in the history books of Dayan: On April 21, the seventy-eighth year of Dayan, Emperor Xu died of sudden illness. The two emperors drove the crane to the west one after another. There was no crown prince in the country. The kings of the heavenly family fought for power and power. The Duke of Jin declared himself king. In one Dynasty, the Great Yan was earth-shaking, and the battle to seize the throne was bloody. The 100-meter wall of Yanjing was dyed red. On April 25, the 78th year of the Great Yan Dynasty, King Jing of Yan Jing Hong brought order out of chaos and completely wiped out the rebels in the first battle at the Yan Palace Gate. His uncle, Rong Guogong, and his general, Wen and Wu, supported King Jing as emperor and worshipped him at the Chenggan Palace. The new emperor became a great ruler and held an enthronement ceremony three days later. In the thirty-second year of the Northern Wei Dynasty, on April 25, he was stationed in Lingshan Mountain. Lingshan Mountain was under the control of a man. The Wei army could not attack it for a long time, so the soldiers were divided into two groups to outflank the city of Youyue. He suddenly withdrew from Lingshan Mountain and attacked it. The Wei army had two groups, ten thousand on the left wing, and fought against him in the city of Youyue. On that day, at ten o'clock at dusk, Lieutenant Liu Ke led the troops back to the camp. Why did you come back? Year-old girl, phycocyanin spirulina ,pumpkin seed extract, less than adult shoulder height, a pair of eyes looking straight at each other, dark deep pupil, one eye is actually alarming. Liu Ke subconsciously dodged Chang Qing's eyes. Evergreen. Chi Xiuyuan called her, but she didn't respond at all. Where is Feiheng? She stared, Liu Ke eyes dodge: "I, I do not know." His speech was slurred, and he was in a panic for no reason. Year-old girl, with a breathtaking bearing, is not weaker than the general who gallops on the battlefield. Chi Xiuyuan gazed at Chang Qing thoughtfully. I ask you again, "clear voice clear, but aggressive, Chang Qing once again coldly asked," where is Feiheng? " Liu Ke suppressed the panic in his heart and pretended to be calm: "I don't know. General Fei and my soldiers are divided into two groups. How can I know about him?" Evergreen a pair of eyes, suddenly sink, a cold. Chi Xiuyuan said doubtfully, "Chang Qing, what's wrong with you?" At this moment, the guard suddenly came to report. Newspaper! "Say it," said Chi Xiuyuan. "To the prince, General Feiheng was captured alive by the four princes and hung under the gate of the Moon." Chi Xiuyuan's face suddenly changed, and he suddenly looked at Chang Qing, only to see that her face was pale, but her clear pupil had no ups and downs, like a bottomless deep well. She looked at Liu Ke and said, "When I come back, I will take your life." Words fall, turn around and walk away. Chi Xiuyuan grabbed her hand. "Where are you going?" "I'm going to save him," she said firmly.
” Chi Xiuyuan didn't even want to think about it. He looked dignified and said, "No, the city of Youyue is heavily guarded. You're going to throw yourself into the trap. I won't allow it." Obviously, this is a trick to lure the enemy. How can he let her go alone. Chang Qing shook his head and said, "Prince, on the 9th of last month, I assassinated the governor of Jingzhou. The sword on Fei Heng's back was blocked for me. I have to go this time." She has always pursued, others give a point, she also ten points, evergreen ah, although cold, but also very heavy friendship. Chi Xiuyuan sighed lightly: "Chang Qing, you are only an eight-year-old child after all." Eight-year-old child, innocent age, but she seems to have experienced life and death, without the vitality of youth. Evergreen eyes without waves, sink into a pool of congealed ink, she shook her head: "I am not, I am the most outstanding killer in Dingbei Hou Fu." She raised her hand and slowly pushed Chi Xiuyuan to hold her hand. She said, "Prince, give me one day. Before I come back, don't attack the city and don't give up Feiheng easily." Chi Xiuyuan hesitated a little and pressed her shoulder: "If I don't promise to let you go." How could he follow her when she was in danger. "You can't lock me up," Chang Qing whispered. When the words fell, she moved lightly at her feet, clasped Chi Xiuyuan's wrist with one hand, and pulled hard to break free of his shackles. Chi Xiuyuan laughed. Chang Qing began to learn martial arts at the age of five. Apart from swordsmanship, her escape skills were the most outstanding among all the dark guards. Because of this, she never failed in all her assassination missions. Chang Qing is not just an eight-year-old child. She knows too many ways to kill people. Don't let yourself get hurt. Chi Xiuyuan only said one sentence, and then now in front of the camp, watching her ride away. The next day, spring is thick, big swallow Kyoto is peaceful, swallowtail flowers are still in full bloom,naringenin price, blood-stained color, red and flirtatious. The weather is warm and sunny, and it is a good day for several days in a row. prius-biotech.com
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