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Then the purpose of this man to assassinate the old magician is obvious! He suddenly realized that he had to find out the attacker as soon as possible, otherwise, he was afraid that the whole Tiangong City would fall unconsciously. But where to start? After yesterday's World War I, Tiangong City quickly assembled the remaining forces and went all out to defend, so the possibility that the murderer was the Xuanwu Empire was extremely small. But as far as he knows about the people of Tiangong City, he can't make any judgment at all. Maybe I should talk to someone. In his mind, Gu Qingcheng's beautiful face suddenly flashed through. He decided to tell her about it, and maybe she could give him some good advice. Just as he was thinking, Gu Qingcheng was coming from the opposite side of the street. When she saw Ah Sang, she was also pleased. At the same time, she noticed the blood on Ah Sang's body. She frowned and said, "You don't know magic or heavenly arts. Why don't you find a place to hide and get hurt?" A full smile, if she knew that she was the prince of the Dragon City, and the retreat of the Taishi Palace, is his strength, what would she think? But now he is just a dwarf who can't do anything and doesn't know anything. At that moment, he told Gu Qingcheng what had just happened. Naturally, he omitted the process of scaring the attacker away, saying only that when the attacker saw the old magician faint, he laughed and retreated. Gu Qingcheng frowned,plastic laminted tube, apparently she also knew the importance of the old magician to Tiangong City, at the critical moment after the war, the old magician must not be allowed to have any accidents. She raised her head and said, "Come with me to find Shaoxi. With his analytical ability, he will be able to find the murderer." A full wry smile, very bitter smile, he really do not want to let Shaoxi tell himself who the murderer is. He couldn't say why he thought so,plastic laminated tube, but he just wouldn't. Maybe it's jealousy. wW w.xia oshuotxT.Com Chapter 15 a murderous look like a rainbow. /tXt|? Novel Paradise Shaoxi listened to the full narrative, he did not speak, but quietly thinking. For a long time, he said slowly, "The only thing I can't figure out is that after the attacker succeeded, how could he not make up a punch and kill the holy king?"? He should not have stopped so easily when he ventured into the temple of the Holy King. A full smiled and said nothing. Indeed, if it were not for the presence of his great master, the attacker would not have stopped so easily. So, for him, this problem does not exist. Shaoxi was still pondering. His eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "The Holy King is the mainstay of Tiangong City. However, the Holy King has not made a move for many years, and it doesn't look like he is going to make an exception. Therefore, the Holy King Hall is surrounded by guards to protect the hall.". Even when they arrived at the Taishi Hall, polyfoil tube ,pump tube, these guards never left less. But last night, the guards left for a little while, because the holy king made an appointment with brother Ao and managed to send them away. The temple guards are the elite of Tiangong City. They may not be able to win the battle with the real masters, but it is more than enough to call the police in time. And this small meeting is also the time for the attacker to enter. A full eyes lit up, and he had to admit that Shaoxi's keen thinking was indeed beyond his reach. Shaoxi said, "I'm afraid this little meeting is the only chance to enter the temple without being noticed in the past ten years.". So With a faint smile, he said, "Think about it carefully. Who knows the promise of the holy king? Then you can lock in the murderer!" What he had analyzed was very reasonable, and now he began to think hard along his train of thought. Who will know his agreement with the Holy King? Sheung? When the old magician asked him to enter the temple with the full moon, Ah Chang was by his side. With her supreme cultivation of the power of Ksitigarbha, it must not be difficult to hear their conversation. But does Ah Sheung have a motive to assassinate the old sorcerer? A full shook his head, feeling that this was absolutely impossible. No matter Ah Chang or Gu Qingcheng, if they want to kill the old magician, they can do it before entering Tiangong City. Although Ah Sheung hated the old magician, it was impossible to persuade him to kill him.
What's more, Ah Sheung is still innocent, and how can she be so sophisticated? So who else will there be? After thinking about it carefully, few people knew about it, and almost no one would find out. Suddenly, somehow, the huge kitchen knife and the fierce expression of his muscles when he cut vegetables suddenly flashed in front of his eyes. Is it him?! Suddenly, a full and remember the proposal to find the golden paradise, it is a storm! If Ah Po had known the secret of the Golden Paradise long ago, then this move would have been a deliberate and ruthless move! "It's him!" Ah Man blurted out involuntarily. Both Gu Qingcheng and Shaoxi looked shocked. "Who is it?" They asked. A full did not speak again, and his eyebrows gradually rose. At this time, it shows that he is getting angry, and he is going to do all he can to knock him down! He suddenly went out, and he wanted to pull him out and bring him to justice. For this big traitor and villain who regards all the living beings in Tiangong City as nothing, Ah Man is really angry. Gu Qingcheng tightened the silver gun in his hand and said, "I'll go with you!" A full one is stupefied, his present thinking already along with meets with the Feng Que princess, the partial restoration becomes the dragon city prince. Does the prince of the Dragon City, who is known as the first person in the world, need help from others? Gu Qingcheng walked quickly to his side and said, "You don't know any martial arts or magic. Even if you find someone, you can't beat him.". Wouldn't it be better if I went with you and grabbed him directly? A full wry smile, in her eyes, the original a full is such a useless person ah. But a full is very welcome to follow her, let her stay in Shaoxi's side, always some inappropriate. Behind him, a smile appeared at the corners of Shaoxi's mouth: "You don't know any martial arts or magic.." He raised his head slowly, with pain in his eyes. "I'm the same.." I'm afraid the kitchen is the most stable place in Tiangong City. Whether it's war or peace, you have to eat. In Tiangong City, a place where material is scarce,custom cosmetic packaging, eating has become a top priority. So the most carefully protected, in addition to the highest of the Holy King Hall, is the kitchen. emptycosmetictubes.com
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