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"Your father is a member of the Fu clan. His divine power is amazing. His power is so great that it is boundless. A roar can make heaven and earth tremble!"! Of the three great nations of the world, few are your father's opponents. Voldemort briefly introduced Ling Fan's father. Hearing that Voldemort spoke so highly of his father, as a son of man, although he had never seen his biological father, his heart was filled with a sense of pride. As for your mother, both her origin and identity are very mysterious, even your father at that time did not know. Later, he, who had always been arrogant, fell in love with your mother. He, who had never had human feelings, had human feelings for the first time. In spite of the opposition of his people, he resolutely United with your mother. "Since that incident, your father and the people, a complete break with the relationship, because the Fu people have a ban, absolutely can not have feelings and intermarry with other species!"! Those who violate the ban will be laid down by the Fu clan and sentenced to the big clan. The crime is unforgivable! Voldemort paused and then said, "But your father doesn't care about this. He has never had feelings. After he has human feelings, he is deeply fascinated by this feeling. No one and nothing can stop him.". And your mother loved your father, and then they had you. "Speaking of this,plastic pallet box, I have to say that at that time, Tianji Mansion was still the first holy place in the mainland, with talented people coming forth in large numbers and immortals walking everywhere. It was also the birth of the peak of the spirit level. The limelight was unique for a while, like the sun at noon, which was the most dazzling and vital time.". I believe you should be most familiar with the history of Tianji Mansion. In the middle of the talk, he stopped abruptly and his eyes moved to the five men of Lindao. Every Tianfu person is proud of that time, and every generation of us is working hard,foldable bulk container, hoping to recast the peak and rebuild the glory! Lin Dao nodded. Yes, about that glorious history, our descendants have never forgotten, because it is our deepest glory and pride, through the ages, no force has reached such a peak! Speaking of the past glory, Lin Wudao's face was filled with a trace of yearning and pride. Hey hey?? But prosperity is bound to decline The sun, which was supposed to be at twelve o'clock, fell overnight, and fled to this ravine. Voldemort did not care about the face of several Tianfu saints present. You Poked to the sore spot by Voldemort, Lin Wuxing, who had a bad temper, almost couldn't hold back. He was angry and angry, but in the end, heavy duty plastic pallet ,collapsible pallet box, he fell on his seat like a deflated ball. "Oh, you're right. The disaster came so suddenly that people were caught off guard." Lin Wuxing sighed dejectedly. It was that night that the sudden disaster almost destroyed all the foundations of Tianji Mansion. It was a bloody slaughter. How many amazing immortals died in that slaughter? How many strong people in the Holy Land became the dead under the knife? Finally, they fought for the spirit to keep the last foundation for Tianji Mansion at the cost of losing their lives. Lin Wusheng recalled the past, his face was blue and red, his expression was painful and angry! "It's all those zombies, those hateful zombies. I didn't expect that the red-eyed zombies would suddenly launch an attack on us. The four kings came together, and the mysterious figures helped each other behind their backs. Several great gods of Tianji Mansion could not resist it." Speaking of the word "zombie", Lin Wusheng's expression was extremely bitter. Hey hey?? Mysterious people ? Let Lindau tell you what's going on. "Lord, is there anything else?" Hearing the words of Voldemort, Lin Wudao immediately looked at Lin Dao doubtfully. I don't know much about the specific situation. These secrets are passed on by word of mouth from every generation of Tianfu. According to the previous generation, the disaster of that year was not as simple as the surface, but a conspiracy of the Fu clan and the Pan clan. A big tree catches the wind. The mainland is not allowed to have such anti-heaven forces. So after planning, the Fu clan and the Pan clan finally attacked the Tianji Mansion. It was a destructive slaughter, Tianji House had no chance to win, with the joint efforts of several gods and the help of Ling Fan's father, it saved the last firewood of Tianji House. Said Lindau. Ling Fan's father?! Hearing this, all the people present were startled.
"Hey hey??"? Ok As for the disaster of Tianji Mansion in those years, you have a general understanding. Now let's get back to the topic. Voldemort did not let Lindao continue to answer, and began to return to the topic before. Your father did not know at first that his union with your mother turned out to be a conspiracy, a conspiracy against the Fu clan. It was after your mother had you that your father suddenly realized something. Voldemort's eyes stared at Ling Fan, "at that time your father knew that you were the product of the conspiracy of the Pan clan, once you were born, it would affect the survival of the Fu clan, and even affect the pattern of heaven and earth." "But at that time, your father had full human feelings, so even if he had the ability to destroy you, he chose to let your mother give birth to you." "Father??" Ling Fan's mouth slightly moved, even after thousands of years of time and space, he seemed to be able to truly feel his father's love for him. For so long, is the hand that controls my destiny in the dark the Pan Clan? And since my birth has such a big impact, why is my mission just to turn Linger into a zombie? Ling Fan knew that now was not the time for him to feel sad, so his brain quickly reacted, and he clearly remembered that when Dan Ge bit Linger, Voldemort clearly said so to him. Hey hey?? Yes All along, that pair of hands in the dark is the Pan clan, and it is not wrong, your mission is to make Shen Linger become a zombie. But this is only the mission given to you by the Pan Clan in this conspiracy. In their calculation, in fact, after you bite Shen Linger, you will die, but you did not die, you survived, in a sense, you can survive, is your victory in the game with fate. "When you bite Shen Linger and turn her into a zombie,plastic pallet supplier, the mission of the Pan Clan to you has been completed. It was the end of your life, and you survived. From then on, your existence has been a variable." 。 cnplasticpallet.com
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