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"What is the treasure of Zhongzhou? How can it be lost in our Eastern Wilderness?" "Zhongzhou is ancient and mysterious, and it is said that their treasures coexist with the world, which is not known to people of our level." "Lost in the Eastern Wilderness seems to be just a piece of debris, what it is, almost no one knows." Several monks talked while eating, so that Ye Fan got a lot of useful information. For more than two years, the ruins can be described as a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. I really don't know when there will be a result. I don't know how many people will die. Now that I think about it, we are still free to practice. Otherwise, if we are in a big school, maybe we will be sent there. As long as we get close to the deep pool, we will have a narrow escape from death. "The factions seemed to have listened to the advice of a great man to open the deep pool by force with endless blood sacrifices of life.". I have a hunch that if we don't get the barren tower out, the Eastern Wilderness will never be peaceful, and it is doomed to become a blood-stained magic land. Demon clan emperor is too terrible, I'm afraid in that year expected this result, really can be said to be a disaster for thousands of years ah. "Yes, many holy places and desolate ancient families are determined to win the desolate tower, and it is impossible to stop hastily." Ye Fan felt very relaxed, he took the green copper in Zhongzhou into his hand, he had no idea about the barren tower at all,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, it was not something he could get, the mysterious green copper in his hand was enough. What he had to think about now was how to enter the ancient forbidden land, how far he would never participate in the treasure snatching, and how far he could hide. Just as he was about to leave, Ye Fan heard an important piece of news. He sat down again quietly. There are several great people in the Holy Land and the Ancient Family who are dying, and it is said that they are going to attack the Ancient Forbidden Area. "It's impossible that anyone dares to break in?"? Since ancient times, countless people have explored, but there are no accidents,Service Sink Faucets, almost all of them are destroyed. At that time, a certain holy place of immortals came out with all their strength when they reached the most prosperous period in history, and gathered tens of thousands of powerful monks to kill them. It was also destroyed. It was simply a living purgatory.. "The Holy Land of Ashes, they perished because they were too conceited and wanted to go into the abyss and the deepest part.". This time, some holy places and ancient families were also forced to do so. Some of them were dying. They wanted to collect the magic medicine from the nine holy mountains to save their lives, not to enter the abyss. "I guess all the people who go in will be destroyed. That forbidden zone of life is absolutely more terrible than the tomb of the demon emperor!" "This is not necessarily, since ancient times, or some people have successfully collected the holy medicine, of course, what kind of price has been paid, it is not known.". Those holy places and ancient families have a deep foundation. Since they intend to collect herbs, they will surely be well prepared, and the hope of success is still great. "This is also a great event that shocked the Eastern Wilderness. The ancient forbidden area is one of the seven forbidden areas of life in the Eastern Wilderness. After endless years, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, someone finally went there again." "When will those holy places and ancient families leave?"? Why don't we join in the fun? They climb the nine holy mountains and collect the holy medicine. We only pick some ordinary elixirs on the periphery. I don't think there will be any big problem. "There may be some time to wait, and now is the most dangerous time for the ancient forbidden place.." Eventually, Ye Fan left the town, recalling the words of casual practice in his mind, and he felt it necessary to think about them seriously. The forbidden zone of life was far more dangerous than I thought, and I was able to survive mostly because of the existence of nine dragon corpses and bronze coffins. Ye Fan did not fly, but walked all the way forward, passing Yandu on the way. The city is very grand, covering a very wide area, and the walls are like the Great Wall, stretching across the front. Yandu is very busy. Looking at the bustling crowd on the street, Ye Fan has a lot of feelings. He has been practicing alone in the mountains for two years. The contrast between the silence and the noise in front of him is totally two extremes. Every day, facing mountains, cliffs and streams, he suddenly returned to such a bustling capital, which made him feel very cordial. The golden jujube is big and sweet. "Crispy chicken wings are not good to eat for free." "Zhang's soup dumplings, thin skin, big filling, juicy and delicious, come and taste it.".
” "Ice-sugar gourd, a bunch of copper coins." All kinds of cries of buying and selling are heard. On the corner of the street, there are all kinds of jugglers, surrounded by many adults and children. In front of each shop, there are enthusiastic waiters soliciting customers, and good words can be said in a basket. Spiritual practice is too simple and bitter, and the world of mortals is so charming. Ye Fan could not help feeling a little. He felt that all this was very vivid and cordial. Compared with the hard practice, this simple life made him yearn for it very much. However, he could not shake the root of his spiritual practice, because he wanted to go home to the place where he was really born and raised. It has been three years since Ye Fan came to this world. Now that his penance is over and he has returned to the world of mortals, he has a myriad of thoughts and inevitably thinks of everything in his hometown. Time flies, three years, I don't know how the other students are. Ye Fan first thought of Pang Bo and was very worried about him. Then he thought of Liu Yiyi, Zhang Ziling, Lin Jia, Wang Ziwen, Zhou Yi and others. Maybe I should go to see my former classmates before I enter the ancient forbidden place. He wanted to see Liu Yiyi and Zhang Ziling, and after three years of separation, he wanted to know how they were now. Big brother. I'm hungry. Buy me a steamed stuffed bun to eat. Please, Nannan is very hungry. Just then, Ye Fan found a dirty, pitiful little girl blinking her big eyes and looking up at him. Her clothes were ragged, her face was stained, and only her eyes were clear. Ye Fan could not bear to see such a scene. Every time he felt bitter, he bought a few steaming soup dumplings from the steamed bun shop next to him,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, wrapped them in oil paper, handed them to the poor little girl, and then took out all the coins on his body and stuffed them into her arms while passers-by were not paying attention. The little girl was still in a trance until he had disappeared into the street. Ye Fan strode away from the city and found that it was only four hundred miles away from the Jade Tripod Cave. He remembered that Liu Yiyi had become a disciple of the school and decided to go there first. cnkexin.com
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