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No one died in Wudang at the moment, but it was lifeless and many people were seriously injured. Yu Daiyan is even basically useless! Even the powerful guest Qing is seriously injured! Three hearts are sad at the moment, but more is perseverance! Elder Martial Brother is not here. He, the Second Younger Martial Brother of the Headmaster, is the one with the highest seniority in Wudang! He can't go down, he can't give up! In just a few days, Sanxin has grown up and become more mature. (1_1) Fang Hua wiped the south rock halberd, his face was expressionless, but Limang's shining halberd showed his mood at the moment! Only by killing can he vent his anger! Sanquan clenched his fist and put his hands on his head. At the moment, he was already a little crazy. Looking at Wudang at the moment, Sanquan blamed himself for being too weak. Can't protect Wudang! He hates himself for not having absolute strength, otherwise, who can hurt me in Wudang? Sanquan got up and walked like a corpse, looking at the injured disciples. And Yu Daiyan, who was lying in the room, with a sad face, and Song yuanqiao, who was constantly busy, smiled sadly. The fists were clenched and there was a trace of blood flowing out. Eyes red, bloodshot, he is still a teenager, but at the moment, he just wants to kill all the people of Tianzhao religion, all! The internal force in Sanquan's body began to move restlessly, which seemed to be very messy, and the boy's work had already been accomplished. It is mixed with the internal force of Chunyang Wuji Gong. Even the blood vessels began to stand out in the skin. Sanquan's eyes began to become blurred, in great grief, he did not seem to feel the internal force of the body out of the question,Glass Cream Jars, just blindly walking and watching. Slowly, some tears began to flow out, and he was only a teenager. Under great pressure, he is smaller than three hearts. I can't help it. Sanquan raised his hand and punched the ground. Immediately there was a roar, blood overflowed from his hands, and his crazy appearance became more and more ferocious. He needs to vent, he needs to vent this grief! Unconsciously, the internal force in Sanquan's body completely broke away from the original stable state and moved restlessly. As he punched the ground, the internal force in his body became more violent. This is a sign of being possessed! Sanquan's craziness shocked everyone at the moment. Sanquan didn't take the chance and ran away alone. No, the boy is going to be possessed by the devil! Wu Tianji exclaimed. Say that finish,Oil Dropper Bottle, see Li Yifeng figure a move, fast to amazing, grasp to three springs, raise his hand to three springs of acupoints, such strength, if Fang Lin saw, must be frightened! This speed is too fast! Three springs are under one point, the person immediately a meal, but once again has the crazy color performance, immediately runs away! Li Yifeng obviously did not expect Sanquan to be so serious. Three springs at the moment delirious, only feel that they must become strong, no one can stop! He began to run around, and the strength of the outbreak is far beyond his strength, Li Yifeng did not know what to do, possessed, he can not help what, perhaps Sanfeng can wake him up, but he can not! He and Wu Tianji followed Sanquan closely, and Sanquan began to run around and instinctively ran into Fanglin's room. Looking at Fang Lin's room, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, I felt the breath of the Elder Martial Brother contained in it, and Sanquan's mind had a brief sobriety. He looked at everything in the room and murmured, "Where are you, Elder Martial Brother?"? Do you know the situation of Wudang at the moment? Sanquan can't hold up. Three springs of tears began to flow out, during which there was blood! Fifteen years old boy, shed tears of blood! Sanquan saw Sanfeng's cabinet, which contained important things of Wudang. The cabinet was made of metal, and only the three brothers had the key. At this moment, Sanquan suddenly had a terrible idea in his mind. He took out the key from his waist, opened the cabinet, looked at the secret book inside, he stared at a few medicine bottles, he knew, inside is the golden elixir! He knew the use of the golden elixir. At the beginning of the breakthrough, he also used the golden elixir. However, since Fang Lin reached the innate realm, there were four golden elixirs that could help break through to the innate realm. But no one in Wudang is suitable to take this golden elixir. In the innate realm, Fang Lin can refine four of each in a month. At this moment, he has accumulated twelve four-turn golden elixirs and put them in that bottle! And there is a bottle with three golden elixirs beside it, about three. Sanquan knew that if he took this elixir, he could gain tremendous internal force, but the Elder Martial Brother said that he could only take it when he broke through, and it was only one.
The internal force in Sanquan's body was in a mess again. Miizumi's face is crazy, and he longs for power! Suddenly, he opened the bottle and ate all the pills in the bottle! Golden elixir, the system stipulates that every time you break through, you eat one, otherwise you will explode and die. Sanquan ate fifteen pills at one time, and the weight of twelve people broke through the innate elixir! Moreover, an old medicine bottle was opened by him, and he swallowed the elixir in one mouthful. It contains the elixir of the infinite! The last elixir of the infinite, the elixir of the infinite containing thirty years of power! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 16 of the first hundred degrees. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-10-24 17:32:45 Words in this chapter: 2818 For some reason, there are fewer words in this chapter _ Bubble & Book & Forgive me Wuliangjian Sect, Jianhu Palace Fang Lin closed his eyes and sat, the body of a congenital breath diffuse, coupled with its own strong strength, resulting in a pressure. Chu Chen Feng can clearly feel the two distinct breath on Fang Lin's body. One breath is vague, giving people a feeling that can't be explained clearly, while the other one makes people's hair stand upright and sweat, which contains some meaning of killing, which makes people afraid. The vague meaning of the sword, now slowly disappearing, slowly becoming weak, but the breath is more obvious, it is no longer so vague. At this moment, the meaning of killing the sword, instead, played the role of a hammer, constantly tempering another meaning of the sword, although gradually dissipated, but added the essence of "accept it, accept it." Fang Lin's ears were full of such voices, which were his subconscious, tempting him, but his will was constantly resisting, similar to the general state of schizophrenia, and he finally understood the meaning of what Wu Jian had said at that time. He has his own pride, has his own insistence, but he is not a saint,glass cream jars, so tempted, he will not be able to resist, will also shake his insistence. penghuangbottle.com
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