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Carefree Princess-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

When Shao Yizi, who was looking on, saw this, he let out a cry of surprise, shook his body, and suddenly flew out. Facing the falling body of Zuo Guangdou, he reached out to the other side's shoulders and raised it forcefully. Zuo Guangdou's body suddenly turned over with the force raised by Shao Yizi, "Tong!" He stood on the ground with a cry. He stopped, shook, and sat down again. You It's so cruel. Zuo Guangdou just said three words, but he couldn't help the blood gushing out of his mouth and spurting out to the sky. Then he flexed and fell straight back. Startled, Shao Yizi took a few steps and bent over to help him up. Zuo Guang Douyuan stared at the eyes of the man who was not blind, and said with great difficulty, "The old man.." Please Trust me.. At this point, he was exhausted, but his lips were still wriggling, as if he had something to say. Shao Yizi could barely hear what he was saying. …… I wrote to you.. It's all.. It's all true. Really. Yes! He said that, and he died. Shao Yizi stayed for a while and stood up slowly. The thin old man whose surname was "Gao" was standing twenty feet away from him. His twinkling pupils stared at Shao Yizi in an instant. "He's dead," said Shao Yizi with a sneer. The thin old man nodded and said, "It's good to be dead." Shao Yizi snorted and said, "Your skill is extraordinary. You are obviously not a nobody. What's your name?" The old man smiled and walked two steps forward. "You don't know me,tin beneficiation plant, but I know you, Shao. I know your brother has something to say in the west. You should keep your territory honestly, but you are unwilling to be lonely. Hum, this is very bad for you!" Shao Yizi suddenly felt a strong hostility from the other side's words. He couldn't help but be startled and took a step back. Dude, what do you mean by that? "Don't lie in front of a bachelor!" The old man surnamed Gao said coldly, "You don't deserve to enjoy that treasure map. Take it out." Shao Yizi was suddenly taken aback, and only then did he realize that the other party was also a person on the road. By now, it is superfluous to say anything. Shao Yizi could not help but let out a series of heavy laughter,Carbon in Pulp, and then said: "Very good, this is also two straightforward words!" He reached out his hand and patted the scroll of the treasure map behind him with a sneer. "Yes, I have that scroll right here, old friend. How do you want to take it? Draw a path!" The old man surnamed Gao smiled disdainfully and said, "Believe it or not, as long as Gao wants something in the world, he can't get it. Not to mention the things on your body, even the moon in the sky, I can't run away if I want to take it off!" Shao Yizi thought of his surname from his strong Sichuan accent, and then thought of his madness, which suddenly reminded him of a legendary person. The man's name flashed through his mind like lightning. He couldn't help shivering. Shao Yizi smiled coldly and said, "I don't understand what you mean. Can you make it clear?" "White Crane," Gao Li said with a smile, "You don't understand this yet. We'll make a gesture here on the spot. Within ten strokes, mineral flotation ,chrome washing machine, we'll accept our fate. After ten strokes, you and I will not offend each other. What do you think.
Of course, my words are also in the front, if you die, of course, do not say, if defeated, behind the volume of treasure map is mine! Shao Yizi made a slight calculation in his heart and thought to himself, "You have a big tone. Although I, Shao, may not be your opponent, don't you have the ability to split ten strokes?"! Thought in the heart, but the surface is calm, cold tunnel: "So the meaning of brother Gao is determined to take my life in ten strokes?" Gao Li nodded and said with a smile, "You can say that. It's almost dawn. Let's hurry up." Shao Yizi looked at the courtyard in front of him, because the place where he lived was a single question, separated by high walls on both sides, which would not disturb other guests. At the thought of fighting with each other, although it was limited to ten strokes, these ten strokes were the choice and judgment of life and death and honor and disgrace of both sides. How could it not be alarming? "White Crane" Gao Li seems to have been unable to wait, do not know when, his feet have quietly moved. Dust and sand on the ground are not alarmed, he has changed a direction, but standing on the right side of Shao Yizi. Shao Yizi already felt it, but he was not in a hurry to turn around. A line of milky white appeared on the eastern horizon. The clouds in the sky are dark gray. Obviously, the sky was not as dark as before, and in this light, Shao Yizi finally recognized the other's face. "Shao Yizi gazed at the other side in amazement and said," Is it the leader of the Bu Le Gang, Gao.. Stand, 'White Crane' stands high! The man surnamed Gao seemed to be in a daze and sneered, "You and I have no hatred. Gao had the intention of excusing you. Now that you have seen through Xingzang, you can't blame my men for being heartless." As soon as Shao Yizi confirmed the true identity of the other party, he could not help worrying in his heart. Because of what Bule Gang has done in Jianghu for many years, it has long been known by all walks of life in Jianghu, especially the legend of the deeds of the three leaders of Bule Gang, which was painted by Wulin and passed on as a monster figure. The tall and thin old man in front of him is the head of the three demons, and his power can be imagined. Unfortunately, I met him, and I'm afraid it's hard to give up. After figuring out the pros and cons in his mind, Shao Yizi slowly folded his fists and said, "I've heard a lot about the names of Bu Le Gang and Gao Gang Leader. I'm really lucky to be here to pay my respects. As for the treasure map behind my brother, it seems necessary to make it clear to him." "White Crane," Gao Li shook his head slightly and said, "Why do you say so much? What the Unhappy Gang has been following for years is the so-called Unhappy Donation. If you are willing to donate it, I can't take it! Shao Yizi originally wanted to speak out his painstaking efforts, or to obtain the understanding of the other side,Carbon in Pulp, then listen to him say so, they know that it is useless to say more. Sigh at that moment: "So, the meaning of brother..." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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