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What Years of Nissan Altima To Avoid?

While the Nissan Altima has been a popular choice in the midsize sedan market, there are certain model years that have been associated with more reliability issues than others. Specifically, some consumers and automotive experts have raised concerns about the 2013 model year, citing problems with the continuously variable transmission (CVT) that led to issues such as stalling and transmission failure. It's important to note that Nissan made efforts to address these concerns in subsequent model years, but potential buyers may want to exercise caution when considering a used 2013 Altima. Additionally, staying informed about any recalls, technical service bulletins, and consumer reviews for specific model years can provide valuable insights into the overall performance and reliability of the Nissan Altima. As with any vehicle purchase, thorough research and, if possible, a pre-purchase inspection are recommended to make an informed decision based on the specific condition of the car in question.

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