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At first choose your definition essay topic
Pick a term that interests you and describe it to your audience. Although there are several ways to do it, your primary goal is to clearly outline the contents of your paper.
Look at several sources (dictionaries/encyclopedias) in order to determine how the term you choose is typically defined. Think of ways to combine or merge these definitions to create your own, unique definition.
Your readers will be presented with the term that you've chosen in the Introduction portion of your paper.
The main body paragraphs should contain information about your term. Your own description can be added along with historical information on the term's history and its evolution in literature. You can also highlight any mistakes in its definition.
You will need to think of examples that fully illustrate and justify your definition.
These are the Key Points
You can't just use other dictionaries to give a definition. If you don't know how to define a term, use an existing definition. However, give your interpretation.
Pick terms you understand or ones that have affected your own experience. If you try to define a term without understanding it, your readers will be confused by the incorrect explanation.
A term can be described by its function, structure, and/or nature. Another way to define a term is to explain what it does or not mean.
Be consistent with your structure. It is natural to start with your term and then move on to the main body. Next, you should give more explanations in the main paragraphs. Finally, end with short conclusions.
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