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What happens if Southwest Airlines cancels my flight?

If there are unusual weather circumstances, military instructions, or government orders, the airline cancels the flight. The following policies are in effect if the airline cancels due to such unforeseen circumstances:

Regardless of whether your ticket is refundable or not, you will receive a full refund.
You have two options: book another flight at the same cost, or ask for a refund.
You receive a reimbursement from the airline in cash as well as Travel Funds.
On the airline's official website, you may submit a cancellation request. You can also get in touch with Southwest customer support.

Therefore, you should be aware of the following Southwest cancellation procedures. Before cancelling any reservations with Southwest, be sure you have read all the policies thoroughly. You can speak with the airline's customer care to learn more about Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. You can also cancel the appointment with the assistance of the live person. On Southwest Airlines' official website, you may find contact details.

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