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Leading Cosmetic Products Manufacturers

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Ngày bắt đầu
06-02-24 - 00:00


Ngày cuối
28-02-27 - 12:00
Mô tả

Getwell Biocare is a cGMP, Ayush and ISO-certified cosmetics exporter and product manufacturer in India. We provide third-party manufacturing and contract manufacturing of all cosmetics and grooming products. We have the best-in-class manufacturing facility that is equipped with latest machines and processes. Our aim is to provide value to our customers by being a pioneer in innovation, research and delivery.

Getwell Biocare also assists brands in preparing packaging and product formulas under third party-manufacturing; while under contract manufacturing, we ensure to follow the best Ayurvedic formulas or cosmetic formulas that our client has prepared as to translate them into the product they desire.

We have a wide range of products in skin care, hair care and personal care.
Visit here: https://getwellbiocare.com/ayurvedic-cosmetic-product