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So apparently people should play a singleplayer game

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So apparently people should play a singleplayer game vẫn chưa đăng bất cứ điều gì


Ngày bắt đầu
13-07-21 - 10:14


Ngày cuối
31-07-21 - 10:15
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So apparently people should play a singleplayer game and never talk to anybody because everything is about the wiki and there is no justification for creating conversations. Of course public chat is dead relative to 10 years back and folks talk more about politics than about Runescape, because politics is based on opinion and not about the wiki. I get it to a degree. The wiki did not exist for a whole lot of players. When I originally began (then quit, then moved to OSRS years later) we did not have a wiki. It is really only a case of"I learned Runescape the hard way, you can also" imo.

It creates a dynamic with noobs, but with prif and Menaphos noobs and maxed players hardly even run into each other out of the hub and clans. No one wants to be bombarded with idiotic questions and I'm sure the people who sit on this sub refreshing by feel like that. Anyway I really don't think I've played Runescape with all the wiki. If I'm not pvming I am definitely reading webpages while afking some shit. It sucks that I would rather read the wiki than speak to people beyond my clan while skilling however that I do not lose sleep over it.

There's two issues really. New players making basic query's about Runescape, subsequently becoming downvoted with no answer. The solution is that the Weekly Megathread which I think solves the dilemma of gathering everyone with Basic Questions into one place (you know those replies currently ). However, I do not believe in the Subreddit users, I believe only a handful of them are going to redirect these new users into the Megathreadothers will only answer their questions, while others will still downvote them (which is the problem this post focused on, as fas as I'm aware).

Redirecting OSRS players into the suitable subreddit. The solution will be to make a principle or bot (similar to the"Ninja Request" one) that shows folks another Subreddit accessible for them to make the question. However, users create a good job by diverting those people there, and there's the Subreddit connection on the perfect banner, under Partner Subreddits, there. But they are nevertheless downvoted by them. Both the Downvotes here, and the users are such as the ISR, there. You cannot remark anything remotely constructive since they biting your ankle.

In the OSRS and pathofexile subreddit I common not every small question has asked in the megathread, some people today continue to make their own threads requesting themand over the years I have barely ever seen anybody even mention that, they just reply it as normal. No need for every question to be diverted to it, although not everyone that has a question wants to create their own thread. It's the downvote problem, maybe they think it doesn't warrant you, not sure where a lot of them stand but I have read about a few reasons like those. My train of thought is that when a new player sees a stickied megathread they feel welcome to inquire stuff since there's a place created to do so. I see it as the distinction between someone welcoming you vs welcoming you.

The time I've had playing with Runescape
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