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Nothing crazy is required for OSR

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Nothing crazy is required for OSR vẫn chưa đăng bất cứ điều gì


Ngày bắt đầu
24-06-21 - 11:44


Ngày cuối
30-06-21 - 11:44
Mô tả

Nothing crazy is required for OSRS, only something to look at, which I believe 2008 images did. The best part is you had the option. I think that the counter argument is that it means greater dev work, since I envision all resources or a few would need to be made for both types that are graphic. Unless it can be done procedurally without any development time included, I think that it might not pass a vote if it were done in an official capacity. That said, I'd personally love to be looking at 2008 or comparable HD images instead of what we have (enhanced by Runelite GPU ofc) now even though it meant delayed content releases. But I understand not everyone will share that opinion.

They had done it before, there are rsps people who are using it rn, there are solo developers who've completed such and plugins. It shouldn't be hard to implement. The complaining mob not wanting a change of this old way of looking can be dealt with by A toggle choice. I think having improved graphics would be very helpful, to better attract new players. Think in the long-term marketing strategy, don't be confined to the old thinking of no manpower, no tools, bunch of updates. Man I remember running home from college because I had been excited with the RuneScape HD upgrade. I'd mainscape OSRS if it had rshd.

I'm sure that 95 percent of these criers haven't even tried RS3, and don't even know why, it's free for them if they have memb on os, so why don't you try it lol. All just ancient EoC and MTX despise and I receive that, at launch it sucked. Nonetheless, it's quite glossy now. And mtx stinks yes, should you would like to, but you can dismiss like 90 percent of it. All you really need out of it will be bank boosters and action bars but that's about it. As runecoins could be purchased with bonds and you can do this without wasting a penny of irl cash. There's a lot to understand with it but it does reward skill and high attention.

Now combat is really enjoyable if needed, and MTX could be ignored. Not only 5 minutes but enjoy 2-4hours. Its fun. Last time I played with the combat was just"set up your activity bar similar to this and it will automatically do everything for you". For best possible outcome you want to use manual, although you have a chance if you would like to afk. I am not saying it is. I am only saying it is not much more engaging. Cause at the time that was the way to play or so I was told. I played with that one spider boss came out. 6 months, atleast like. Plus it just got old. Hated from what I hear, the mtx that has gotten worse. And idk I feel like Runescape has only gone in a downward spiral.

I wanted to appreciate RS3. Have you tried it today, although each have their views and respect them? It has gotten imo to way, I am having a blast on my own iron. Couple of OS CC's are also currently trying it out it appears. It hasn't attempted in a few years. Logged onto it a few months ago though and was sort of put off with the new things. Been seeing it tries out who is a normal OSRS player. And idk Runescape looks like it may be fun, but also I do not wanna support that kind of mtx. Plus my principal acc for OSRS is my main for RS3 and that I wouldn't wanna since I've a lot of progression on RS3 in my main, begin a new one.

You know you support os with that mtx too? Not that I need you to, but that is a legitimate point. And you do not need to. Bonds are a thing, make somebody else pay to members and your mtx. And the mtx I would say you really need that's it and is activity bars and bank space. Yeah but that's what, mtx is necessary. I really don't wish to play with that. I know jagex which in turn supports the mtx for RS3 is supported by playing OSRS. But I don't beg na be around it and have it impacting Runescapeplay me around. Idk I tried real hard to like RS3 awhile back before they kept adding more time, and that I had fun for a little gated stuff that gave bonus xp and incentives to purchase keys.

I feel like it'd be a game that is fun if they eliminate a lot of these scape mechanics and the mtx. Since I played, but then again some of that stuff could've changed. And I feel like bonds are somewhat distinct concerning mtx. It gives the players who'd buy gold a secure way that supports Runescape and helps time active players perform Runescape at no cost and have multiple accounts without having to spend a lot of money.
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